Retreat to another world

Costa Rica is recognised as a global leader in sustainability, generating an astonishing 99% of its power from sustainable sources in 2017. The nation’s inhabitants have a deep love for nature and welcome visitors to trade the noise of car horns for the calls of howler monkeys, the smell of traffic for the scent of frangipani.

Luna Lodge is a unique luxury eco-lodge on the OSA Peninsula that welcomes guests from all around the world. Over the years, people from 130 countries have arrived at Luna Lodge either by road, domestic airlines into Puerto Jimenez, or even by charter plane to an airstrip on the beach, just 15 minutes from the lodge.

All of the guests at Luna Lodge enjoy the warm hospitality of the staff and the outstanding, healthy cuisine, featuring freshly grown Costa Rican fruit and vegetables. A range of accommodation is available to suit all requirements, including spacious bungalows with a large deck. Each bungalow boasts a private setting in the heart of the forest and a pair of rocking chairs where guests can relax and enjoy the birds and butterflies that visit the veranda. A garden shower offers an extra special flourish for bungalow dwellers.

Another option is a Hacienda Room. These adjoining rooms open out to a veranda and are complete with a hammock and all standard amenities. Real nature lovers might go for the safari tent, a true communion with the great outdoors, but with hot water showers and electricity for comfort.

Immerse yourself

Your first day at Luna Lodge may include an invigorating  dip in one of the waterfalls or a self-guided tour of the Loop – a hike from the property into primary rainforest. On day two, after being awakened by the howler monkeys, guests can take a kayak onto the tranquil lagoon and observe different species of monkeys and an array of bird-life in the surrounding trees – this is quite a way to enjoy the sunrise.

There are also yoga classes on a platform overlooking the Carate River valley, where blissful meditation can ensure with a view of the Pacific Ocean in the distance. Luna Lodge is also home to one of only two certified “forest bathing” therapists in Costa Rica: Lana is a master of the Japanese tradition “shinrin-yoku” (forest bath) and enjoys showing guests how to embrace nature’s healing power and re-connect with the world around.

Day three should feature the most popular activity for visitors to Luna Lodge – a hike to Corcovado National Park. The park is the crown jewel of Costa Rica and is recognised by National Geographic as the most diverse biosphere left on the planet. Covering 100,000, acres the Corcovado National Park is believed to host 2.5% of all the biodiversity left in the world. Θ   

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