Protect your most valuable gadget in style, with Chelsea swappable phone case panels

With phone cases becoming the most important accessory to your outfit, Chelsea swappable panels allow you to express your style effortlessly. Each pack contains a collection of 4 designs inspired by global trends that provide you with a look for any mood you’re in. Just combine with a clear Gear4 case for the perfect balance of style and impact protection.

Some of the panels supplied include breathtaking multicoloured birds, intricately detailed cat caricatures and nautical designs bursting with colour. There really is a style for everyone. Clip a panel on and be confident that your phone isn’t a boring, old brick anymore. It is in fact, an awe-inspiring art piece.

The ultimate protection – D3O technology

D3O technology combines advanced protection with seamless, modern style. With some of the same materials that are used in bulletproof glass, as well as D3O material engineered for impact absorption used in construction helmets, there is no better way of protecting your phone. It also retains your phone’s sleek and dynamic design with its thin structure.

With their cases, alongside their newly released swappable phone panels, Gear4 seem to be one of the only companies out there looking for safety and style when it comes to phone protection.

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