Premium Pre-Mixed Cocktails Make Entertaining Easy

Make entertaining easier this autumn and spend more time with your guests with these premium pre-mixed cocktails. Instant crowd pleasers, there’s an option for every taste palate with the following delicious cocktails available in cans, bottles and pouches.

Canned cocktails

Cockspur Rum Punch in a Can

An authentic Caribbean rum punch made with Barbados Cockspur Rum and a blend of natural tropical fruit juices.  With the sweetness of tropical fruit juice and the kick of Cockspur Rum, each 250ml can is fruity and refreshing, instantly transporting drinkers to a tropical island. The Cockspur Rum Punch cans are produced by the long-established Carib Brewery in the Caribbean under licence from Barbados-based Cockspur Rum.

RRP: £1.99 per can from Drink Supermarket. £26.40 for 12 x 250ml cans from: Amazon ABV: 4%.

Duppy Share Rum Pink Ting-A-Ling Cans

Duppy Share Rum Pink Ting-A-Ling cans combine an exotic blend of pink grapefruit, lime and award-winning Duppy Share White Rum in a can. Duppy Share White Rum is a 100% Jamaican white rum with flavours of mango, pimento and fresh thyme, for 100% Jamaican flavour. Duppy Share White Rum is produced & co-founded with UK musical pioneer Kano. Duppy Share Rum takes its name from a Caribbean legend. Just like the Scotch Whisky industry, which describes whisky evaporating during maturation as the Angel’s Share, in the Caribbean they call it the Duppy Share, using the region’s name for spirits.

RRP: £13.50for 6 x 250ml cans. ABV:6% Available from: The Duppy Share 

Longbottom & Co Virgin Mary 

Longbottom & Co Virgin Mary is a canned tomato juice perfectly seasoned for a non-alcoholic Virgin Mary and creates the perfect pour every time. Rightly spiced and with the garnish blended in, the Virgin Mary has got spirit enough without the alcohol. Not only is Longbottom & Co vegan, free from artificial ingredients and GMOs, but it is also made with the world’s best fresh-pressed Spanish tomato varieties. Canary and Pear Tomatoes are known for their sweet and balanced flavour, making Longbottom & Co a top-quality tomato juice.

RRP: £2.50 for 1 x 250ml. Available from Longbottom & Co. RRP: £18.00 for 12 x 150ml. Available from Amazon. RRP: £37.00 for 24 x 250ml. Available from Amazon and Longbottom & Co


The Cocktail Society Bottled Cocktails

The Cocktail Society’s bottled cocktails are made with premium, clean ingredients and absolutely no additives. The cocktails are created by bartenders, who mix every drink in their Oxford headquarters.

Classic Negroni Bottled Cocktail – ABV: 19.30%

Coconut & Kaffir Lime Leaf Daiquiri Bottled Cocktail – ABV: 16.4%

Hibiscus & Elderflower Martini Bottled Cocktail – ABV: 15.5%

Oak Aged Sloe Negroni Bottled Cocktail – ABV: 18%

Passion Fruit Martini Bottled Cocktail – ABV: 15.5%

Salted Caramel Espresso Martini Bottled Cocktail – ABV: 17%

Smoked Old Fashioned Bottled Cocktail – ABV: 24%

Tommy’s Margarita Bottled Cocktail – ABV: 18.30%

*  The Oak Aged Sloe Negroni, Salted Caramel Espresso Martini and Tommy’s Margarita have all achieved Great Taste Awards *

RPP: £12.00 – £26.00 for 200ml – 500ml. Available from The Cocktail Society

Cotswolds Dry Gin Cloudy G&T

The signature Cotswolds Cloudy G&T is made with the award-winning Cotswolds Dry Gin, hand-crafted in small batches using freshly-peeled citrus and a hint of local lavender. Cotswolds Distillery use over ten times the number of botanicals than most premium gins, resulting in a more aromatic and flavourful G&T with an unmistakable cloudy appearance. This ready-to-drink Cloudy G&T, mixed to perfection, is best served chilled or over ice with a slice of pink grapefruit and a fresh bay leaf.

RRP £3.95 per 275ml bottle. ABV 8%. Available from Cotswolds Distillery.

Cotswolds Dry Gin Garden Cocktail 

The refreshing Cotswolds Garden is one of the Cotswolds Distillery’s signature cocktails, inspired by the beautiful country gardens surrounding the distillery. Made with the award-winning Cotswolds Dry Gin paired with pressed apple and a hint of elderflower, the ready-to-drink Cotswolds Garden Cocktail is perfect served chilled or on the rocks and garnished with cucumber and mint. 

RRP £3.95 per 275ml bottle ABV 8%. Available from Cotswolds Distillery

Cotswolds Wildflower No.1 Gin Spritz 

Inspired by the glorious grasslands of the Cotswolds, Cotswolds No.1 Wildflower Gin is a delightful blend of cornflowers, lavender and orange layered over a classic dry gin. This ready-to-drink Cotswolds Wildflower Gin Spritz is a careful blend of Cotswolds No.1 Wildflower Gin with sparkling tonic and is best served chilled or on the rocks with a wedge of fresh orange. Perfect for popping in your picnic hamper or enjoying al fresco in the garden after a long day.

RRP £3.95 per 275ml bottle. ABV 8%. Available from Cotswolds Distillery.


The Cocktail Society One-Litre Cocktail Pouches

The Cocktail Society has most recently launched their cocktail range in one-litre cocktail pouches, perfect for parties. These pouches come in the same great, award-winning cocktails as The Cocktail Society’s Bottled Cocktails as listed above.  Each cocktail pouch contains 10-12 servings, meaning the cost of one drink starts at only £2.75. 

RRP: £33.00 – £37.00 for one-litre pouch. Available from The Cocktail Society