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Post-Pandemic Travel Tips

From using PPE while flying or carefully packing our carry-ons to minimise contact, The Luxury Report has compiled our top Post-Pandemic Travel Tips. Whatever your travel dream is now, these travel-hacking strategies and tips that can help you save money and travel seamlessly once the all-clear sound. 

Remember: when travelling we must be especially compassionate and kind to each other during this trying time. Please be considerate and show respect for your global community with every decision you make. 

Flexible Booking 

We all know the most infuriating travel issue. 

Paying large cancellation sum and additional fees to rebook an airline ticket or a hotel room. But because of the historic demand collapse from the viral pandemic, Airlines and Hotels policies are a changing’ in our favour, giving customers more flexibility options to change plans. 

Many Airlines and Hotels have changed their booking policy so that customers can change a reservation for free, and often up to a year from your original purchase date.  

TIP: Before booking a reservation with any Airlines and Hotels, thoroughly view that company’s website for rebooking policies.  Choose those companies and deals which you can claim a refund if your plans change, or policies that will allow you rebook your dates—for free. 


Stay Informed and Be Aware 

Stay informed and up to date on the latest recommendations and restrictions regarding travel. 

One of the best things you can do when traveling during or after a viral epidemic is to stay informed as much as possible. Know what the health is like in the region you’re travelling and base a judgment on how serious the threat is.  

Be aware of the medical advice issued in the country you’re currently in and practise good hygiene and wear PPE to minimise risk. Follow the advice and guidance given by medical professionals. Stay in contact with family and friend. If you happen to be traveling and an outbreak happens, do not panic and stay informed and use the above tips to your advantage. 

TIP: Do not just use information spread by social media. Many outlets can strength a situation to suit their agenda. Use trusted sources like the CDC, WHO or The State Dept. websites. 


Quarantine & Medication 

If you are going to travel, there will be a possibility of immediate quarantine of up to 14 days. 

Before travelling, check with your doctor if you can go to a specific region because even if a viral outbreak has been minimised or is small, you still want to make sure you are healthy enough to go. Try to take enough necessary medication to cover unexpected/extended time away from home. 



During a viral pandemic outbreak travel insurance is a necessity. 

The safest thing to do before travelling is to check what you’re insured. This is because your travel insurance may not cover you during a viral pandemic. If at the time of booking your flights, there wasn’t an outbreak, you may want to check their policies to see if you are covered. Making sure you’re insured can give you peace of mind on your trip. 

TIP: Double check your travel insurance as many companies don’t cover epidemics or pandemics.  


Car Rental 

Take advantage of the plunging oil prices. 

With the viral pandemic shaking the travel industry, flying is currently very vulnerable to cancellations.  Whether you’re touring the sights on holiday or nipping away for the weekend, Car Rental is simple to alternative to flying and is easy on the pocket. With the sharp drop in demand and plunging oil prices, Car Rental deals are almost unbelievable. 

TIP: Book directly with car-rental companies. 


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