Made in Iceland

The Greenwich Meridian line marks the starting point of every time-zone in the world. With no daylight saving, Iceland is permanently on Greenwich Mean Time, which literally makes it the land where time begins. It’s also the perfect place for three Icelanders who are passionate about the design and enduring pleasures of a finely crafted timepiece. JS Watch co. Reykjavik is a small Icelandic watch manufacturer whose exceptional timepieces promise to put the country on the map for something other than hot springs, Bjork and volcanoes.

The collaboration of a watchmaker, a collector, and a designer has produced the JS Watch co. Reykjavik – one of the world’s smallest manufacturers of stylish, high quality watches. In fact, it’s fair to say that JS Watch co. Reykjavik is of the watch industry’s best kept secrets.

Like Switzerland, Iceland enjoys a spectacular landscape. Similarly, Iceland shares the Swiss obsession with efficiency and detail. It’s this Icelandic attention to detail and meticulous approach which lends itself to the precision engineering found in the watches; while the quality and durability is borne of the country’s rugged landscape and harsh climate. These are all attributes that the craftsmen and watchmakers at JS hold most dear. From its humble and modest beginning with a single line of watches, JS Watch co. Reykjavik now boast a range to compete with the very best.

The collection consists of five different watch lines, with unique models within each. All watches are designed and assembled by hand in Iceland. Only the highest quality movements and materials are used, and every single detail has been given the time for perfection. The quantity of watches produced is limited, making them exclusive and truly personal.

With more than 50 years’ experience, Master Watchmaker Gilbert O. Gudjonsson has produced watches for the world’s biggest names, including Ben Stiller, Quentin Tarantino, Tom Cruise and the 14th Dalai Lama.

Gudjonsson commented: “We not only take pride in our watches, but also our customer care. It’s very important for us that the people who buy our timepieces know the level of perfection we try to achieve. Although we aim to get that message across on our international sales, nothing can beat talking to someone face to face and welcoming them into our

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