LunaGroup Charter – From Leisure to Lifesaving

LunaGroup Charter’s Role in Emergency Flights

LunaGroup Charter, part of the Luna Aviation Group, brings 15 years of aviation expertise to the forefront, driven by their core values of Flexibility, Reactivity, Delivery, and Trust. Under the leadership of Founder & Chairman, Eymeric Segard and Group Charter Director, Rémi Aubin, the company has a mission to craft air charter solutions precisely tailored to clients’ needs through a global network of suppliers granting access to over 7,000 aircraft.  

Supported by an international team of aviation experts, LunaGroup Charter ensures the best solutions to meet any requirements seamlessly.

Although LunaGroup Charter has long been synonymous with excellence in diverse aviation services, from leisure travel, like sports events and roadshows, to corporate shuttles and more, the company has also orchestrated  several  humanitarian flights, especially during the pandemic, focusing on repatriation.

While they have a history of responding to emergencies, with for instance their crucial involvement in the Afghanistan evacuations on the 31st of August 2021, the year 2023 has brought forth a distinct change in demand, marked by an increasing requirement for emergency evacuation flights.

This shift has been driven by various factors, including the unfortunate occurrence of natural disasters such as earthquakes in Turkey and Morocco. In these challenging times, LunaGroup Charter has risen to the occasion, sending rescue teams with Search and Rescue dogs, as well as Emergency Survival Kits (with tents, flashlights, blankets, diapers, etc.). Moreover, the company organised evacuation flights to ensure the safety and well-being of those affected.

Additionally, conflicts and geopolitical tensions, such as the Israel/Palestine conflict, have further underscored the importance of rapid response and evacuation efforts.

While they continue to excel in offering a wide spectrum of aviation solutions, their commitment to addressing urgent humanitarian needs remains unwavering.

LunaGroup Charter stands ready to respond to emergencies worldwide, ensuring that safety and assistance are just one call away when it matters most.

About Luna Aviation Group

Headquartered in Geneva with a global presence spanning eight offices, Luna Aviation Group is an independent group of companies established in 2007 with a team of aviation experts dedicated 24/7/365 to your service. The group specialises in a diverse range of aviation services divided among four different branches, including strategic consulting and aircraft transactions with LunaSolutions, individual and group chartering with LunaJets and LunaGroup Charter, as well as cargo transport with LunaLogistik.

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