Lovingly nurtured

The finest coffees of the season are available now at Coffee Monger’s Roasting Company. Currently the team are highlighting seasonal microlots nurtured by farmers in Africa and Latin America who are dedicated to teasing the finest from their terroir. All of these gems are single origin coffees, and are beans which possess amazingly strong characteristics. They stand on their own and are best enjoyed without blending so their unique flavours can be appreciated. 

The first stand-out chosen by the monger is Cerro Azul Natural Red Bourbon from Honduras, which thrives at an altitude of 1450-1900 metres. A limited edition choice, this complex microlot with honey sweetness, extreme cocoa and blueberry notes is only available while supplies last.

Rwanda Gihombo is another limited quantity, high altitude bourbon varietal grown near beautiful Lake Kivu in Africa. Medium roasted, its captivating aroma invites you to savour grapefruit, raisins, plums and cocoa.

From Indonesia comes Kayumas Curah Total Villages Java. This is an organic bean grown on volcanic hillsides. Bright, yet malty, creamy and hinting of chocolate, it is sure to become a habit.

High in the mountains of the Sierra Madres, in Mexico, the company’s monger discovered El Jaguar, a unique coffee with dark chocolate and tangerine notes all combined with spice and caramel flavour and last but not least, balanced with lemon grass acidity. Coffee Monger’s knows you will agree that the result is a delightful experience.

The team are also thrilled to introduce you to Finca Los Angeles from El Salvador, a Pacamara, lovingly grown by their dear friends, the Giron family. Andreas, who is fifth generation Giron, is working to perfect their beans to produce this delicate, floral cup which sings of dark caramel hazelnut and maple syrup. This coffee has merited the special DO appellation “Apaneca-Ilamatepec – Denominacion de Origen” to ensure the provenance of their coffees, and is imported directly by his mother, Nicole, at Morpho Café, France.

Coffee Monger’s, isn’t just resting on its laurels. Their state of the art roastery, located at Number 13 in Ampress Park in Lymington is, of course, still faithfully turning out its four iconic signature blends: Liberatrix, Mercator, Regina and Nakuti.

Don’t forget, there is a whole world of coffee beans ripening on rugged mountain pass plots and high ground pastures, and be aware that Coffee Monger’s is always travelling the world in search of exciting new flavours.  

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