Little Emperors, the private members’ luxury hotel app founded by Rebecca Masri MBE in 2009, is excited to announce the launch of their Independent Travel Consultant (ITC) program: MyLER. Launching in April 2023, the program will enable individuals to utilise their own network and build a travel business. Rebecca and her team are taking a fresh approach to nurturing an affiliate network of MyLERs, equipping individuals with the knowledge, technology, and access to the best travel perks, in a part of their wider mission to reimagine and modernise the role of the travel agent.

Little Emperors has developed a technology that enables their ITCs/MyLERs to access it more easily and efficiently than any other ITC program. Through this, MyLERs can remain secure in the knowledge that they are delivering the best value and benefits to their network whilst also growing their own travel business on the go. Almost all of the historic difficulties and administrative burdens of being an ITC have been removed by the innovative technology the LE team have created and input to their app. 

A key point of differentiation for the Little Emperors MyLER program is that whilst there is extensive training, the requirements are a lot more accessible than many other programs. At Little Emperors, the focus is on how to best use the system to book and pay on behalf of a client, how to market yourself as a MyLER and the various conferences, trips and virtual training tools available to familiarise with the partner hotels – all of which is provided by the Little Emperors team in the MyLER onboarding programme. LE even offers the opportunity for the MyLERs to immerse in the travel industry through the attendance at events and conferences to ensure they’re ahead of the trends. 

The Little Emperors’ technology and app is extremely streamlined and advanced, reducing, and almost eradicating, the friction of the normal ITC role. A MyLER would receive a personal login providing access to both the Little Emperors’ app and web booking system, meaning that whether they are at their desk or on the go, MyLERs can search hotel availability and book on behalf of their clients within seconds.

Ideal for those with a passion for travel and created as the perfect side hustle or full-time MyLER entrepreneurs, complementary to any lifestyle. The original cohort of Little Emperors pre-launch programme are testament to this – from a hairdresser with high-net-worth clients, to a travel journalist and a stay-at-home mum who makes most of her bookings in the playground while picking up her kids from school. It’s the perfect opportunity for anyone who wants to monetise both their passion for travel and their own extensive network. 

Rebecca Masri, CEO and Founder of Little Emperors says “Our program is the first of its kind, allowing our MyLERs to create and build their own network with our full support. Our concept of ITCs has been built on the idea that our MyLERs can use this as a side hustle, so we have ensured that it is as accessible and manageable for those from all walks of life.” 

The Little Emperors Independent Travel Consultant Program: MyLER is set to launch in April 2023

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