Limited-Edition Festive NIO Cocktails – 24-hour Delivery

Whether you’re hosting at yours or in need of the perfect luxury gift for the cocktail lover in your life, NIO Cocktails has you covered with six festive-inspired serves to take you from Christmas Eve through to the New Year! 

RRP: £41 for a gift-wrapped Christmas cocktail box of six cocktails or £39 for six individual cocktails.  Available to purchase from 

Created by Italian Master Mixologist Patrick Pistolesi, each cocktail is crafted using the same expertise, premium brands and quality ingredients that you would expect to discover in some of the world’s best bars. 

What to drink when decorating your tree – Spiced Negroni

Adding the ultimate festive twist to the classic Negroni, this cocktail embodies the sweet scents and exotic spices that fill the air at Christmas. Infused with allspice, clove, nutmeg and cinnamon, the Spiced Negroni is the ideal accompaniment to decorating your tree. Blending gin, vermouth and Campari, this winter warmer is best sipped slowly under the glow of twinkling Christmas tree lights. 

What to drink after a frosty walk in the snow – Snow Daiquiri

Dreaming of a white Christmas? Whilst there’s no guarantee the UK will be dusted in glittering snow, cold weather is certainly a given. An unexpected cocktail, Snow Daiquiri, will take the chill off after long frosty walks with warming Ron Carúapano Silver rum, sweet pineapple liqueur and a punchy hit of ginger for a festive touch. 

What to drink on Christmas Eve – Winter Sidecar 

Is it truly Christmas without a cognac cocktail? Conventional wisdom says the Sidecar was popularised in London during the roaring 20s – a time synonymous with celebration and festivities. Blending cinnamon and mandarin to a base of cognac and vermouth, this cocktail is the ultimate party starter or perfect sipped by the fire whilst watching a festive flick on Christmas Eve.

What to drink on Christmas Day – Christmas in Manhattan 

Imagine and revive your memories of Christmas in Manhattan as it’s a sight to behold – the elaborately decorated 5th Avenue store windows, the giant Christmas tree, horse-drawn carriages in the snow in Central Park and the iconic ice-rink outside the Rockefeller. If you can’t get to New York, experience the romanticism at home with a warming take on the classic Manhattan cocktail. A blend of bourbon and sweet vermouth paired with soft crème de cacao chocolate notes and subtle base notes of mandarin give this cocktail a Christmas touch par excellence – perfect sipping for a truly magical day. 

What to drink on a cosy night in – Christmas Margarita 

For some, the ideal Christmas would be spent lying on the beach somewhere tropical, sipping on an expertly made Margarita. Why not transport yourself to the sun-kissed beaches of the Mexican coast with this cosy spin on a classic Tommy’s Margarita – after all, who says tequila cocktails are only for summer? Ginger and apple liqueurs add a nostalgic touch to the idyllic flavours of bitter tequila and sweet agave – the ultimate bittersweet tipple.  

What to drink on New Year’s Eve – Apple Rum Punch

Whether as a decorative ornament or wrapped as a gift as custom in the Far East, the humble apple has long played an important role in Christmas folklore. A love letter to one of Christmas’ most iconic flavours, Apple Rum Punch is the perfect serve for any Christmas or New Year’s party. Intense aromatic notes of distilled apple Calvados and smooth, spicy rum pair perfectly with tart apple liqueur, rounded off with a sweet touch of anise. Serve over ice for an unforgettable serve, sure to wow your guests.  

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