Lamborghini x Zambaiti Parati

Travel from home with their new collection of wallcoverings and decorative panels

The collaboration between Zambaiti Parati, creator of Italian high-end wallcoverings and Italian super sports car manufacturer Automobili Lamborghini, has produced a new collection of wallcoverings and decorative panels. This second collaboration also draws on the iconic aesthetic characteristics of the Sant’Agata Bolognese car manufacturer, to create an evocative 2021 collection in gray, shades of copper and different tones of green with a natural effect.

The two brands’ relationship is based on the shared principles of modernity and strong design, reflecting tastes and trends found in both the furnishing and automotive industries for new materials, such as carbon fiber and metals with different finishes. Zambaiti Parati’s study of the aesthetics and lines of the distinctive Lamborghini super sports cars started in 2017, working closely with Lamborghini’s Centro Stile (design center), with the first wallpaper collection presented in January 2019 and the second in March 2021. Both collections draw on details from Lamborghini models such as the carbon fiber materials and even specific car parts: the Centro Stile’s idea to scan pieces and translate their lines into graphic effects on the wallpapers is a perfect illustration of the competence and creative teamwork of the two brands’ collaboration.

As in all collections from Zambaiti Parati, three-dimensional and tactile effects are distinctive of the solidity and thickness of its wallpaper products: qualities that reflect the technical materials used by the prestigious car brand. The wallpapers are offered in rolls of seven square meters on a non-woven support that allows direct gluing and quick and easy replacement. The materials are fireproof and thus suitable for dining and hospitality applications. Digitally-printed decorative panels are also included in the 2021 collection, featuring decorative motifs on a larger scale drawn from Lamborghini design, and enhancing the range’s aesthetic dynamism.

Zambaiti Parati, like Lamborghini, embraces the vision of Made in Italy, standing for the technological innovation and Italian creativity that stands out worldwide. Internationally-oriented collections combine modern tastes with classic heritage, appealing to an established clientele as well as younger consumers. The project with Automobili Lamborghini fits perfectly with Zambaiti Parati’s innovative internal culture as well as helping develop its proposition to customers.

The first collaborative collection was chosen for the lounges of Automobili Lamborghini around the world, appealing to different cultures as well as a diverse Lamborghini clientele including younger consumers: visitors to the international fairs where the collection was presented were equally intrigued by the presence of a Lamborghini super sports car on display at Zambaiti Parati booth, such as at the Mosbuild in Moscow.

The new 2021 collection is created to appeal to markets throughout Europe, America and Asia with a product equally suitable for residential and commercial applications, and designed for a demanding and refined clientele.

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