La Vallée debuts the Polo version of the ATTIMO

Italy’s most exclusive horologists have launched the astonishing ATTIMO Polo Limited Edition in St. Moritz, Switzerland, to honour moments of triumph and the sport of Polo.

The second in the ATTIMO timepiece series after the ATTIMO Golf, the ATTIMO Polo makes its public debut at Bucherer in St. Moritz on the same weekend as the Snow Polo World Cup 2022 in the famed Swiss ski resort.

The trophy-themed the ATTIMO Polo marks a strengthening of La Vallée’s return to public horology, delivering an immaculately detailed timepiece that portrays a charging Polo player attacking the ball with an offside swing for goal. Like the ATTIMO Golf, the new Polo version of the ATTIMO captures and replays unforgettable moments that live on in the memory, and it is a showcase of La Vallée’s total mastery of every facet of design, engineering, artistry, jewellery and horology.

The ATTIMO Polo upper scene crafted in gold, silver and diamonds, it portrays a charging Polo player attacking the ball with an offside swing for goal.

The unique, contemporary design of the ATTIMO Polo freely reveals its exquisite craftsmanship, from the leather grain of the rider’s saddle to the sculpted folds and creases in his pants. The ATTIMO Polo is available from Bucherer in St. Moritz. It has been designed to anticipate unprecedented customisation, with each of the 50 numbered timepieces able to be matched to the personal preferences of its future custodian. Everything from the rider’s uniform, the horse’s saddle and bridle, the mallet and even the rider’s gender can be tailored and sculpted to bind it to the people who choose it, and every piece is hand finished.

“At the request of customers, La Vallée returned to public horology with the ATTIMO Golf, and every La Vallée team member has come together to create the ATTIMO Polo Limited Edition that we are so proud of,” La Vallée President Leopoldo Quintavalle said. “The ATTIMO Polo is provocative, passionate and inspirational in its design and it is a magnificent second model for the ATTIMO strategy.”

Each hour, the ATTIMO (a “very short moment of time” in Italian) Polo replays the winning shot in a testament to La Vallée’s horological genius.

Detail – the La Vallée ATTIMO Polo mallet head and polo ball are made of gold and set with diamonds.

A hammer, shaped like a Polo mallet, strikes a ball-shaped bell, which emits a ring that announces the player’s shot, and the polo ball runs off the player’s mallet to score, while the ATTIMO rotates its uniquely numbered ring to display the next hour.

The ATTIMO Polo Limited Edition Movement
The ATTIMO Polo shares its movement with the ATTIMO Golf, with the dedicated movement made up of 472 components, designed and engineered at La Vallée and assembled by artisans.

The ATTIMO Polo movement sits in a body of 256 precision and precious pieces, ranging from gold to set diamonds. The ATTIMO Polo’s minutes are counted along an elegant ring at the upper circumference and the hours, 1 to 24, are counted on a hand- polished, rotating numbered ring around the outside.

Movement – the unique ATTIMO movement, carefully encapsulated in a hand blown crystal, made in Italy and the lower hour ring with hand polished numbers.

The movement of the ATTIMO, featuring Côtes de Genève finishing, polished bevels and screwed chatons, delivers 30 days of time keeping, as well as powering the movements of the Polo ball and the hour ring, together with the hourly sound of the ball strike. The ATTIMO Polo has an integrated time-setting system, complete with the fast advancement of the hours, while a small steel ring beneath the crystal bowl works as the sound-volume adjuster, all the way down to silence.

ATTIMO Polo Specifications
Upper scene – gold 750°°° and silver 925°°°
Mallet head – 750°°° gold, set with diamonds
Rider and rider’s uniform – silver 925°°°
Lower base – white marble and black obsidian
Upper surface – white marble
Rotating hour ring – hand-polished numbers
Minutes indicator – a 750°°° gold polo ball, fully set with 101 diamonds.
Polo ball holder – doubles as the ATTIMO’s winding key
Bowl – hand-blown Italian crystal
Width – 270mm
Length – 270mm
Height – 507mm
Weight – 15kg
Power reserve – 30 days
Power reserve indicators – double indicators
Sound volume – adjustable to zero
Hours adjustment – continuous and fast forward advancement of the hour ring
Minute adjustment – back and forward

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