Kenya’s coastal oasis

I have been to many places that overwhelm you as you enter for the very first time. However, few make you feel so completely at home, yet in such luxurious bliss, as the Silver Palm Spa and Resort. Located on Bofa Beach, Kilifi, on the northern Kenyan Coast, this secluded beach-front boutique hotel offers stunning ocean views and direct beach access; and with only 38 rooms, it offers a private and exclusive experience. Easily accessible by road from Mombasa (70km) or a direct flight to either Vipingo Ridge (35km) or Malindi Airport (55km), Silver Palm Spa and Resort brings a new dimension to luxury on the African coast.

As you enter, you are greeted by swahili-islamic fusion in the architectural décor; gurgling fountains and palms gently swaying in the ocean breeze. As you step into your suite your senses are immersed in a fusion of culture, and each has a unique arrangement of furniture and décor. The wood in one suite is different from the wood used in another, while the paintings on the walls evoke life’s elusive and intangible magic. Open the French doors of your suite and walk straight out to the pool: a turquoise blue oasis of crystal clear water that creates its own horizon and is accentuated by picturesque wooden bridges.

You can even walk out to the edge of the reef and witness the extraordinary sight of huge waves crashing down and drawing back with a rhythmic cadence that is almost lyrical.

Arena of relaxation

The naturotherapy available here in the spa – which has multiple dimensions and a myriad choice – is a world apart. If you enjoy the privacy of a traditional aromatherapy in meditative isolation, there are spaces that cater to just that. If you long for rejuvenation with the sea breeze on your skin, then such spaces are available; and if it’s time for a Thai massage, there is that too. Or if you simply want to meditate to the sight and sound of the sea, you can retreat to the peace of the relaxation arena on the roof terrace. As they say, life is all about choices. And at the Silver Palm Resort and Spa, you will be spoilt for choice.

Speaking of choice, the meals here are not just meals, they are a celebration of food itself. The four-course lunch, I enjoyed, is nothing short of an event. Succulent, aromatic, subtly sumptuous – starting with the salad, followed by the soup, culminating in the main course, and topped off by a delicious dessert. When you enjoy culinary finesse on this level with such attentive, warm service, you realise you have arrived at a very special place.

Then there’s the beach bar. It is very different from other beach bars: it offers a commanding view, so early evening drinks come with a feeling of splendid isolation befitting of the majestic African coast. It’s a pure delight to watch the sun go down, cocktail in hand, enjoying a fusion of flavours from the Teppanyaki grill.

But you may be the kind that wants more than just a soothing, luxurious and relaxing holiday. Well, there are choices galore in and around Kilifi, which can be arranged through the reception. Go snorkelling or windsurfing, jet-skiing or deep-sea fishing. Play golf, tennis or beach volleyball. Go on a nature walk or a village tour.

Or, cap it all with that experience that defines a visit to East Africa – a safari to Tsavo National Park. It is all within reach. You have dreamed it, so let Silver Palm make it a reality.

Whether it is family vacation, a reunion with friends, a honeymoon, a private wedding, or even a business conference – this is the place to be. Not only because it is among the best beach resorts I have ever visited, but because it has that special magic that you search for in life. You think you’ll never find it, and then you come to the Silver Palm Beach Resort and Spa. ✱

About the author
Shouquot Hussain is Vice Principal and IB Diploma Program Coordinator at the Aga Khan Academy in Mombasa and an avid traveller.

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