Few destinations remain as untouched as the Inner and Outer Islands of Seychelles, which is why travel here is inspired by conservation

White sand beaches, palm-fringed shores and crystal clear waters are all images associated with Seychelles. And no doubt they ring true, but to truly experience this remarkable destination, you must become immersed in the Inner and Outer Islands of this tropical haven. 

Blue Safari Seychelles, along with Blue Safari Travel and Beyond the Reef, have revolutionised experiential travel to this remote corner of the Indian Ocean with luxurious accommodation, both on land and on the water, creating bespoke itineraries and one-of-a kind adventures. 

This feat was celebrated at the 2021 World Luxury Travel Awards where Blue Safari Seychelles was honoured with the prestigious titles of “The Best Sustainable Tourism Destination in the Indian Ocean” and “Global Winner – Best Island Destination.”

Conservation first

Join in with valuable conservation work on your vacation 

Blue Safari Seychelles is a pioneers of environmental initiatives, promoting conservation practices in the Outer Islands of the Seychelles whilst curating bespoke itineraries for guests to have an adventure of a lifetime. Five pristine atolls are included in Blue Safaris’ portfolio: Alphonse Island, Astove Atoll, Cosmoledo Atoll, Farquhar Atoll and Poivre Atoll  are in the Outer Islands and all have a richly diverse environment with a glorious array of fish, amphibians, and mammals. With over 230 bird species, 1,000 fish species, and 320 coral species, Blue Safari Seychelles understands the importance of environmental conservation to ensure future generations can marvel at these magnificent creatures for decades to come. At the core of this philosophy is the strong belief that the most effective way to understand the nature of the Outer Islands of the Seychelles is by exploring them. After all, as author Mark Patterson eloquently stated, “the best education you will ever get is travelling.” 

Blue Safari Seychelles’ commitment to sustainability runs deep – from self-sufficient farming providing fruit, vegetables and herbs that are used at each of their kitchens, to the Seychelles’ largest solar farm on Alphonse Island, making it the first hospitality group to be solely reliant on solar power. Guests can revel in once-in-a-lifetime experiences whilst also contributing positively to the environment. 

The pristine white sandy beaches of Alphonse Island

For the past two years, travelling and exploring new cultures has felt like an unrealistic, far-away dream. However, this is starting to change, and travellers are eager to get back out there and visit a brand-new and exciting destination. Blue Safari Seychelles has a plethora of exciting activities that showcase the imagination of this experiential tour specialist, and each is guaranteed to entice ocean lovers from all over the world. Whether guests are hoping to swim with manta rays or snorkel with sailfish, or visit The Wall at Astove Atoll to see where marine biologist, Jacques Cousteau filmed his well-known film The Silent World in 1956, Blue Safari Seychelles will ensure every adventure is nothing short of spectacular. 

Paradise found

The accommodation on Alphonse Island is simply stunning, consisting of 22 Beach Bungalows, five Beach Suites, and two four-bedroomed Beach Villas each with panoramic ocean views. All of which perfectly sets the stage for family trips and groups of friends seeking an
eco-conscious adventure.

Underwater wonderland
Located 400km from the mainland of Mahé, Alphonse Island is considered one of the most pristine and untouched Outer Islands in the Seychelles. It has a completely idyllic, tranquil atmosphere that allows guests to disconnect from modern-day life and reconnect with loved ones. 

Life beneath the waves Seychelles style 

Alphonse Island’s impressive array of activities is designed to introduce guests to the Seychellois way of life, whilst maintaining their commitment to conserving the diverse ecology. The wonderfully unique aspect of Alphonse Island’s activities offers encouragement to explore the island from various perspectives. If guests are hoping to experience the underwater wonderland, for which the Seychelles are famed, Alphonse Island has a PADI five-star dive centre with 24 dive sites, all reached in under 30-minutes by custom-built dive boats. Once beneath the glistening waves, guests can expect to encounter thousands of exotic and colourful fish, including green and hawksbill turtles, Napoleon wrasse, and manta rays. The five-star PADI centre offers a range of PADI courses from Bubble Maker to Discover Scuba Diving, to Divemaster, so guests can explore the tropical, uncharted waters around St François Island, including deep drop-offs and shallow plateaus. The sheer excellence of their dive centre was celebrated at the 2021 World Luxury Travel Awards where Alphonse Island was awarded the coveted accolade of  “Dive Destination – Global Winner”.

Lunch with a difference  
An unmissable experience that is completely unique to this glorious destination is the flats lunch. Guests are invited aboard a catamaran and sail to the dazzlingly white sand flats where they’ll dangle their toes in the balmy Indian Ocean and feast upon freshly-caught fish, grilled meats, and delicious, fresh salads. There is also the enticing option to cycle around the island with a packed lunch, or take in the beauty of the island from the sea on a kayak or stand-up paddleboard. 

Each of the experiences has been carefully designed to ensure little to no environmental impact occurs. Their expert environmentalists and marine biologists offer guests the opportunity to learn more about the environmental practices through educational talks, beach clean-ups, and tree planting where more can be understood about what it takes to protect and maintain a tropical paradise. Their exceptional nature rambles teach guests about the threats to coral reefs with the possibility of seeing baby turtles making their first journey across the white-sand beaches to the ocean.

Where nature rules 
Astove Atoll is another untouched slice of paradise. A nature lover’s dream with unbleached coral reefs, a thriving population of Aldabra tortoises, and over 250 bird species all of which are protected by Blue Safari Seychelles and their Island Conservation Society (ICS). After being “discovered” between 1,000 and 1,500 AD, Astove Atoll was not inhabited until 1760 when a Portuguese ship ran aground. After 250 years of inhabitation, the atoll was abandoned and was declared a nature reserve in 2014. With the “underwater Grand Canyon” Astove Wall, waters teeming with tropical fish, and the Blue Safari Seychelles’ Astove Coral House, this remote paradise is an unmissable destination. 

The luxury eco-pods are repurposed shipping containers

Cosmoledo Atoll is located 1,030 kilometres southwest of Mahé and is the epitome of the Blue Safari Seychelles’ sustainability. The namesake of a Portuguese navigator who was part of Juan de Nova’s crew, the Cosmoledo Atoll has an eco-camp comprising just eight eco-pods made from shipping containers and designed to blend in seamlessly with the natural environment. With completely natural interiors made using local wood, tree trunks, and fishing nets, their incredible effort at combining nature with sustainable hospitality was recognised at the 2021 World Luxury Travel Awards where they were awarded the prestigious titles of “Global Winner – Eco/ Green Destination” and “Nature destination, Continent Winner, Indian Ocean”. 

For boat enthusiasts, Beyond the Reef is a luxury boat charter company based in Mahé with a specialised fleet consisting of sailing and motor vessels ranging from 36ft to 75ft, all perfect for exploring the 115 Seychelles’ islands. Each of the magnificent vessels is fully crewed by professionals ensuring excellent service resulting in Beyond the Reef being named “Best Private Boat Charter Company in the Indian Ocean” at the 2021 World Travel Awards. Their personalised itineraries take in both the Inner and Outer Islands. Whether a cruise through the Amirantes Islands, day trips to Mahé and Praslin, a half-day cruise within the Marine Park, and fishing excursions, each vessel provides guests the fabulous opportunity to experience the pristine beauty of Seychelles. 

To sum up, it is the kind of award-winning excellence that comes as standard. Blue Safari Travel provides its guests with a unique opportunity to have a truly special vacation, creating the most precious memories, and knowing that all they left behind were footprints.

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