Introducing XOR


Today marks the reveal of XOR, an English start-up communications company developing a collection of premium feature handsets. In an increasingly invasive world where one’s privacy is often compromised, there is a need for a mobile phone that delivers discreet, reliable security combined with sophisticated and robust design.

Responding to the global challenges of 2020, XOR is providing a new direction for the luxury technology sector. Safe by design, XOR is developing a simpler device that uses trustworthy hardware encryption to protect your calls and messages and an air quality sensor to alert you to potential harm, XOR phones will be designed with looking after the user at its heart.

Whether protecting your business or your family, XOR will allow you to create a personal network of communication that is protected from all potential intruders. With a XOR in your hand, you will always be secure and self-assured.


XOR was founded by a small group of entrepreneurs who all recognised the need for a beautiful phone that offered unbreakable protection. The founders assembled a unique team of experts in their fields, including designers, engineers, technicians, craftsmen, sound engineers, and material specialists to make the vision a reality.

“Owning a XOR is like having a trusted friend, a reliable ally, a protective bodyguard by your side,” explained Hutch Hutchison, Co-Owner and Head of Design, XOR. “Trust and security are at the heart of XOR, from our bold shield knot logo which is an ancient symbol of warding and protection, to the name itself, a logic gate used in the algorithm that encrypt your speech and text”


Hardware encryption will be built into each XOR handset. Two or more XOR users will be able to exchange calls and messages using end-to-end encryption through a unique contact system and a series of secure one-time passwords. Conversations and data content will be safeguarded with the ability to delete data via the remote secret key.

Personal information, including data contacts and private short messages (SMS), will be encrypted by a highly secure, hardware-based Advanced Encryption System (AES) algorithm: AES 256. In order to hack into your personal information, a hacker would need to try 2256 different combinations to find the right one or a brute force of 5.4 billion years.


Every XOR handset will have an inbuilt air quality meter to inform the user whether they are breathing in pollutants in the air. The indicator will track air quality on an hourly basis, informing the user when it is appropriate to venture out.

XOR plans for each handset to come with active noise cancellation technology to remove the background noise, allow for wireless charging, and come with bespoke ringtones to instantly indicate if a call is encrypted or not.


XOR plans to release its first handset early next year, and each phone will be handbuilt in the XOR workshop in England. The mobile phone will highlight the brands design philosophy of organic geometry. The team are working with some of the most robust materials including titanium, ceramic, sapphire crystal and fine leather.

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