Intelligent space

Floor-to-ceiling glass and fully glazed gables flood your living spaces with light, creating a sense of openness and relaxation – welcome to your HUF home

In this ever-changing and unpredictable world our homes have become more of a sanctuary than ever. Companies around the world have shifted to remote working and it’s now the new normal for many professionals. So, imagine having the perfect place to work from home, where natural light boosts your energy levels and instils a new sense of motivation each and every day. 

The ultimate flexibility 

Every HUF house is designed by the company’s award-winning architects, and is tailored to the requirements and lifestyle of the homeowners. Every design is bespoke, every floorplan is different and every facade is unique. To maximise the enjoyment of the view, the gable facade can be entirely glazed with vast glass panels to create boundless light. Wall panels are placed where privacy is required and a mix of glass and closed elements can be used to create the perfect workspace – whether it is for an office, a beauty salon, or a physiotherapy practice. 

“Make the most of the new normal – embrace the new way of working and make a HUF house your work, rest and play,” says Afra Bindewald, Business Development Executive at HUF HAUS UK.  

Powered by modern technology

Control of the house is at your fingertips. Touch panels, intelligent switches and mobile devices can be integrated to operate blinds, lighting, multimedia, kitchen appliances, heating, ventilation, and alarm systems. These user-friendly smart systems can be operated individually or compiled as a pre-set “scene” with other devices to allow full control of the home or workspace. For example, switching off lights and closing all blinds to a certain angle when starting a physiotherapy session, or when leaving the house. HUF HAUS use the KNX System as its favoured home technology solution. This system stands out from other standardised solutions thanks to its capacity for almost infinite expansion, it is also independent from specific service providers, which increases flexibility. 

For over ten years HUF HAUS has invested in smart energy systems that analyse the energy flow into different parts of the house, therefore managing consumption levels in the most economic way. If usage thresholds are exceeded, the system turns off certain home components not required at that time. As a result, the smart technology simultaneously controls home comfort whilst providing maximum cost efficiency.

Bringing your creation to life

The initial stages commence with a design brief which will kick-start the architect’s instruction and initial site visit. The client will outline their criteria for the design based around the lifestyle they envisage. Are there specific requirements the new house must satisfy? How does the family relax and unwind? Which spaces are communal, and which might act as a retreat? Once these aspects have been decided, the HUF architect can proceed with the design draft of the house.

“A HUF house is a modern classic. These tailored homes do not follow trends or passing fashions, instead they create their own instantly recognisable and timeless style. The floor-to-ceiling glazing invites the outside world into the house at all times of the day, and expands the available living space in a magnificent manner. The post-and-beam architecture is based on traditional design principles paired with pioneering technology, and results in sustainable, energy-efficient homes,” says Peter Huf, the company’s lead architect.  

The architect begins by weighing up the plot and designing the best house to suit the space. Will it be compact for an urban setting or more expansive, are the boundary lines straight or angled? How can it work best with the natural surroundings or fit in with neighbouring buildings. Is the plot secluded? Where should glazing be used and where is privacy important? The HUF architects gather all the client’s expectations and ideas, along with the relevant local building regulations to design the perfect feel-good home. 

The HUF group is fully committed to creating individual solutions for its clients – without compromise. With five subsidiaries, the HUF group is able to provide an entire range of services. From the design, right through to the hand-over of an incredible, bespoke home, all work is guaranteed to be of the highest quality. Each individual company specialises in its own particular field and are experts in the special requirements of HUF architecture. Working to an exact time schedule means all processes are seamlessly coordinated, all you have to do is watch the magic unfold and open the door to your dream home.  

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