Incorporating terracotta tones into your garden this summer!

Terracotta tones: How to incorporate this key 2023 trend in your garden 

Terracotta is a key garden colour trend of 2023. Warm, earthy, and paprika tones have also become increasingly popular in interior design. 

East London Parasol Company, a leading designer of luxury garden parasols, has launched two terracotta sun umbrellas. This beautiful shade is naturally warming, and incorporating terracotta and earthy tones into an outdoor space brings a natural and rustic feel, evocative of a Mediterranean garden. 

The two new parasols launched by East London Parasol Company are the stunning Lexham Terracotta Round Bamboo Parasol and the Lexham Terracotta Octagonal Parasol. With terracotta and burnt orange being key interior colours for 2023, these parasols offer the perfect complement and contrast to spring and summer foliage. The collection offers a range of warm, earthy tones that will elevate any outdoor space. 

To help bring warm tones into green spaces, here are top tips from the East London Parasol Company:  

1.       Use outdoor textiles: Incorporate outdoor cushions, throws, and rugs in warm earthy tones to create a cosy and inviting seating area. These textiles not only add comfort and style but also protect your outdoor furniture from the elements. Our Tangerine Suzani cushion is the perfect tone to introduce the trend into your space.  

2.      Mix and match patterns: Use different patterns and textures to add visual interest to your garden design. For example, you could mix striped outdoor cushions with a floral throw or a geometric rug. The Lexham Terracotta Octagonal Parasol, paired with a printed fabric like the Orange Zig Zag napkins is a brilliant way to mix different patterns.  

3.      Introduce terracotta accessories: In addition to using terracotta pots for your plants, you can also incorporate terracotta accessories such as vases, lanterns, and candle holders. These will add warmth and texture to your garden and create a cohesive look with the terracotta pots. 

4.      Play with scale: Use different sizes of planters, furniture, and accessories to create depth and interest in your garden. For example, you could use a large terracotta pot as a focal point and surround it with smaller pots in complementary colours. Our Lexham Terracotta Round Bamboo Parasol is a great way to add a different-sized feature with earth tones.  

5.      Incorporate natural materials: Use natural materials such as wood, rattan, and bamboo to create a relaxed and organic feel in your garden. For example, you could use a wooden bench, or a rattan armchair paired with terracotta pots and warm-toned textiles. The Cane Chair is a great way to introduce a classic style into your outdoor space.  

According to Lucy Ferguson, founder of East London Parasol Company, “By selecting the right plants, using warm colours, a range of textiles and mixing patterns people can create a beautiful and outdoor Mediterranean oasis in their space that will be on trend all summer.”  

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