How loyal are British people to beauty brands?

With new beauty products being constantly released, shopping for them can be a bit overwhelming. Do you stick to what you know, or do you take a leap of faith with a new brand? The experts at decided to ask 2,178 Brits how loyal they are to the beauty products they are using, and how many of them would throw them away for a new release.


When asked the respondents what products they feel most loyal to, the top 3 were:

Perfume (68%), Mascara (66%), Foundation (54%);

On the other hand, the beauty products changed by Brits the most often are:

Eyeshadow pallets (22%), Powder (19%), Blush (18%);

I would never change my perfume because I feel like the scent I’m wearing is part of my identity. People know when I walk in the room without even looking, because they can smell my fragrance and I think that’s a cool thing to have.Alice (28)


When asked if they are open to trying new products, 60% of Brits said yes while 40% said they prefer sticking to the products they are currently using.

Unsurprisingly, good performance is the main reason Brits remain loyal to a beauty product. However, 53% of Brits don’t want to try new products because they are afraid to.

When you are on a budget, you prefer going with what you know rather than spending money on a product that might be disappointing. You tend to stick to the safe options.Mary (20)

41% of Bits also said they will leave a brand that is non-vegan, in favour of a brand that is.

“Free samples made 33% of Brits switch to a new beauty brand “

When it comes to the reason why Brits ‘cheated’ on the products they were previously using, 78% said they switched because the new product was sensational.

The fact that a friend was vouching for the new product was enough for 52% of Brits to start using them as well, while influencers had the same effect on 47% of Brits.

“Most Brits prefer buying beauty products in store rather than online”

In fact, Boots has been revealed as the place 68% of the respondents like to get their beauty products from, followed closely by Superdrug with 61%.

When it comes to shopping online, 41% of Brits prefer to do it from the brand’s online store, while 37% would get them from other beauty product online stores.