Helping our furry friends

The National Animal Welfare Trust do fantastic work all year round, ensuring that pets are cared for with love and affection.

In a year that has been isolating and lonely for many people, the companionship offered by our pets has become highlighted and celebrated. That’s why this Christmas, the National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT) are raising money to pay back the debt we owe these loyal, caring and faithful companions. Never before have so many of us collectively felt the benefits that pets bring to our physical and mental wellbeing. In a sense, this has made 2020 a great year for companion animals; long may our appreciation for them as integral members of our families continue. However, it hasn’t put an end to the need for animal rescue services.

The majority of animals who seek NAWT’s help are past the puppy or kitten stage of life, and many arrive with underlying health conditions that require treatment. These two factors combined often make them less desirable to a new family than a puppy/kitten purchased from a breeder.

However, we hear many stories of rescue animals who have saved or transformed lives, making it clear that even in the midst of a global pandemic; we have a duty to continue to protect homeless animals.

Athena, happily rehomed by National Animal Welfare Trust

Ex-NAWT rescue dog Athena is one such animal. Following the loss of her husband, Athena’s new owner Jenny has described Athena as her companion, best friend and lifesaver. Athena was four years old when she arrived at NAWT in September 2019, suffering from extensive arthritis in her hip. This illness had been causing Athena pain for some time and left untreated, would have ended in the loss of her ability to walk. Thankfully, generous supporters rallied to raise £1,200 for her surgery, which meant she could be happily rehomed and enjoy her recovery with a new owner, before the world was turned upside down with the arrival of Covid-19. 

Athena stayed safe through lockdown, in the care of new owner Jenny. Jenny told NAWT how Athena has improved her life this year, in a classic tale of “Who Rescued Who”, which is a sentiment shared by many rehomers: “From the moment I brought her home from the centre, she has fitted in with every aspect of my life. I live on my own since my husband passed away last year, and although my family live locally, I don’t know how I would have coped with lockdown without Athena. She is my companion, my best friend, my lifesaver. I am so lucky to have found her, hopefully she feels the same”.

To help more people and pets rescue one another from loneliness, please support NAWT’s work.

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