Green living: The HUF HAUS FEELING

With over a century of experience, HUF HAUS homes encapsulate sophisticated and mindful living. Integrating sustainability, eco-luxury and precise engineering, HUF HAUS believes that a cosy home and environmental consciousness go hand in hand.

The post-and-beam architecture combined with full seamless glazing provides a visual gateway to nature, thus creating the HUF HAUS Feeling – a unique daily experience of light and calm. Flora and fauna take centre stage, changing and evolving with the seasons, whilst each hour a new scene is set with natural variants of light flooding the house. The show begins as the inside and outside connect, creating a visually striking cinematic experience from the comfort of your home.

The team have received many awards and commendations for their contemporary design and architecture, and their determination to become the market leader in green construction. With HUF HAUS it really is “easy being green” – experience the enlightening world of smart-home luxury for yourself and indulge in renowned architectural design!

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“A HUF house is a modern classic. These tailored homes do not follow trends or passing fashions, instead they created their own instantly recognisable and timeless style. The floor-to-ceiling glazing invites the outside world into the house at all times of the day and expands the available living space in a magnificent manner. The post-and-beam architecture is based on traditional design principles paired with pioneering technology, and results in sustainable and energy-efficient architectural homes.” Peter Huf, Architect.




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