There is a whole planet to experience, but nothing quite like the exhilarating expeditions at the very bottom of the world. It often seems as if Antarctica belongs to no-one and everyone – an ethereal land that captures the hearts of travellers, yet has no permanent human residents. If you are not already familiar with the luxurious Three Glaciers Retreat, nestled below the Ellsworth Mountain Range, you will soon discover its appeal as the newest


A journey to the depths of Antarctica can only be described as the ultimate expression of adventure addition to Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions’ (ALE) collection of deep-field experiences. The retreat collection is comprised of eight elegant and comfortably warmed tents, bathed in the chanterelle hues of 24-hour daylight. Will you be one of the few to experience this exclusive holiday? Bespoke retreats don’t always come to mind in such a remote location, the prospect of which invokes thoughts of barren lands, frigid cold and wind-swept ice. Most dream of sun, sand and surf as the essential getaway.

But if you’re one of the lucky few to step onto Antarctica’s blue-ice runway after your four-hour flight from Punta Arenas, Chile, you’ll be stepping onto territory that was alien to humanity for centuries. A place where the harsh landscapes seem incongruous with a spellbinding world brimming with life and adventure. Guests can look forward to guided journeys that include options of fat-tyre bike excursions, cross country outings, overlanding to the wind carved waves of Drake Icefalls, snowmobiling into the alabaster interior, picnicking in spectacular locations, or skiing private slopes. There are options to book a private flight to the emperor penguin colony with endless photographic opportunities, or visit Mount Vinson base camp to see the highest peak in Antarctica. Get ready to meet your new adventure addiction.

Where adventure meets wellbeing

The addition of Three Glaciers Retreat adds an even more bespoke approach for ALE guests that rivals the world’s most upscale hotels. A place that combines wellbeing with adventure, set against a striking landscape often described as magical by those who set foot there. Retreat seasons run from November to January and bookings are limited at this 16-person private retreat. Guests arrive at the secluded Three Glaciers Retreat after a short flight from Union Glacier camp, where they are welcomed with warm smiles and cold bubbles. Retreat hosts and staff consist of some of the most experienced guides and service professionals in the industry.

Contributing to ALE’s world-class destinations, which are well suited to elite adventurers, corporate getaways, celebrities and groups of all levels. A customised itinerary is prepared for each guest, or they have the option to keep it flexible, sipping whiskey from the deck of the dining tent with Mount Sporli as a backdrop.

This is a place to power off and tune in. A place where the hum of the world melts away and there is a reconnection to individual existence. The exquisite silence and auditory sensations are among the many wonderful surprises experienced at the edge of the world. “How many people can say they’ve listened to the profound quietness of nature recently?” poses Aviaaja Schluter, one of ALE’s Guest Services Managers who cater to visitors at Three Glaciers. She muses on the ability of staff and guests to immerse themselves in a calm quietness unlike any other on the planet.

Travel connoisseur’s enjoy their down-time away from personal and professional demands, dining on freshly smoked Chilean salmon served with a delicious beurre blanche. “Our menu will blow your taste buds away.” Aviaaja says. “Good wine in your glass and conversations with stories from all over the world will shape your evening.” But there is so much more, with incredible accommodation and an impressive culinary offering to match, guests are never disappointed.

Otherworldly experience

Imagine looking up from the warmth of your tent to uninterrupted views of remote Antarctic mountains and pristine glaciers, taking in the aroma of toasted homemade bread and the chef’s creative cuisine. A hearty breakfast awaits to start a day’s exploration, all set in a sophisticated retreat for discerning travellers. “The five-star cuisine is something we receive a lot of compliments on,” says Joe Kluberton, an ALE Facilities Technician at the retreat.

“One stated we could market Three Glaciers as a remote high-end restaurant in itself.” There is no set menu, it is all customised according to taste. Each day is tailored to guest preferences to ensure they achieve their goals, partake of the many outdoor excursions, and get the most from changing Antarctic weather. With total attention to detail, retreat services start before guests are even on the ice, with everything from packing lists, to environmental guidelines and cold weather clothing rentals. At Three Glaciers the team’s 30 years of experience on the ice make them one of the most respected and unique adventure retreats in the world. They understand luxury travellers are looking for more: they are seeking personal journeys, and those that have made it to this unique retreat, have taken on no small task. This is the ultimate expression of adventure.

So the next time you find yourself scrolling for travel ideas on your smart phone and dreaming of the next adventure, you’ll know where to find the perfect retreat. Antarctica’s boundless extremity is filled with an intrinsic vitality that has been inspiring explorers for centuries. Isn’t it time you became one of them? Join ALE on an unforgettable journey at the edge of the world and experience a silence heard nowhere else. Those who go to Antarctica will leave a different person – keeping with them the grace of the great white expanse and their time listening to the sounds of the planet.


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