The classic Norway in a nutshell tour is one of the nation’s most popular travel experiences, encompassing train rides and electric ferry cruises through some of Europe’s most spectacular scenery. The eco-friendly modes of transport allow visitors to explore this remote and precious landscape while minimising their carbon footprint.

Fjords and mountains are the heart and soul of Norway. It is a landscape that inspires activity as well as contemplation and with Fjord Tours you can enjoy a balance between the two. No matter how you tailor your itinerary, you will travel in style on two of the world’s most scenic railways, the Bergen and the Flåm – the latter is renowned for the spectacular mountain ride and its historic 1950s interior. The authenticity blends with the awe-inspiring landscape and makes for some stunning photo opportunities.

Fjord Tours was the first tour company to use electric ferries for commercial use. On board the “Future of the Fjords” you will glide silently through the UNESCO-listed fjords and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. At ordtours.com you can customise your tour with activities and accommodation included all in the one ticket –knowing you will have a minimal impact on nature, but take away with you a world of incredible memories.

Winter wonders

Between September and April is o en referred to as Viking season. e wild and remote nature of the landscape becomes more pronounced, and with far fewer crowds, this is the time to really connect with Norway’s fjordland for travellers looking to go “full Viking”, there is an exciting range of activities to add to the tour is includes snowshoe hiking to explore some incredible landscapes, rounded off with a Viking dinner, or an adrenaline packed rib boat expedition. With Fjord Tours you can choose your own type of adventure: fjords, mountains and even add the northern lights for a 360-degree winter experience.

Norway 365 days a year

Norway embraces all four seasons – there is no right or wrong time to go. The winter offers peace and contemplation, as well as access to more extreme activities, whereas the summer brings long, bright days to experience the land in all its glory. The first step is to choose your fjord. Whether you begin with the classic tour through the UNESCO-listed Nærøy ord and Aurlands fjord, or an active tour through the Hardanger fjord, or even exploring the King of the Fjords, Sognefjorden, one thing you can be sure of is that you will definitely return for more.


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