Get the personal touch from Savile Row

Covering a whole range of styles, Savile Row’s Alexandra Wood has launched an all-new £60k wardrobe makeover for men

Savile Row tailor Alexandra Wood has launched her new £60,000 exclusive and bespoke collections for men in preparation for post-lockdown. With the end of pandemic restrictions in sight and the prospect of spending sprees, life will be reminiscent of The Roaring Twenties, so what better time than now to perfect your entire wardrobe with a new bespoke collection. 

After a full year of wearing lounge and gym wear, Alexandra wants to show men just how good they can look, with the most luxurious and unique of image refinements. 

She has created a suite of seven stylish collections that are personally designed, tailored and styled for the professional man with no time to shop, but all the desire to look incredible. There will be no more wondering what to wear for which occasion, all the thinking and preparation has been done, it is just a case of selecting the outfit for the relevant event. 

Purchasing the entire collection will set you back £60,000 with research showing that high-earning men on a salary of £1million spend on average £28,000 a year on clothing and that only 13% of men wear the entirety of their wardrobe. By comparison men are more than happy to spend thousands on a sports car, a Patek Phillipe watch or a yacht.

Unique and effortless style  

This is a wardrobe investment that will have men exquisitely clothed for years, while representing their own unique style on a daily basis. Alexandra’s methodical approach to buying clothes ensures that every penny is well spent and only adds value.

Alexandra personally designs and tailors every item of clothing imaginable; there are no limitations. With an eye for making men look ‘more’, Alexandra has a passion for texture, colour and cut, to create timeless designs that will leave each man dressed uniquely and effortlessly stylish from the beach to the boardroom. 

 The collection includes casual, smart/casual, business, accessories, holiday, events and occasions. Alexandra’s acute understanding of her customers’ lifestyle enables her to curate a collection completely bespoke to the individual.  

 “My customers have no spare time on their hands and want someone to deal with everything for them without having to spend tireless hours on non-eventful shopping trips. The thought here is handing the keys over, as it were, to someone they can trust to make them look effortlessly stylish is an enticing prospect.” Alexandra says. 

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