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Welcome to Montenegro, a world where limestone, bountiful lakes, azure waters of the Adriatic and boundless forests intertwine into one borderless landscape, creating a true natural oasis. Just like the country, whose devotion to ecological values is inscribed in its constitution, Dukley Hotel & Resort have devoted themselves to creating a sanctuary of serenity, adorned with crystal clear sea, pristine beaches and lush forests.

Dukley Hotel & Resort present an ideal environment for those who wish to truly restore and recreate themselves.

During this time filled with uncertainty, Dukley Hotel & Resort want to assure you that your safety and comfort remain their highest priority.
Please find below an update on their activities to ensure maximum flexibility for your bookings and your wellbeing.

Adapting to you and your travel plans!

 All reservations booked directly can be rescheduled for any new date within 12 months from the original booking date – free of charge. Please note that a rate adjustment may be applicable, depending on the new dates requested. Every inquiry will be handled individually and will be subject to availability.  

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There for you & your special moments! 

  • 100% free cancelation for all events booked for dates prior to June (subject to change, based on status updates, may be extended).
  • Re-bookable conditions, postponing of events for any new dates (within 12 months following the original booking date).
  • Transfer of funds of advance payments due to canceled events or any new events 


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The world has changed, so have Dukley Hotel & Resort.

Dukley Hotel & Resort have gone beyond following health & safety guidelines. They have adjusted their services and are taking the highest level of preventative measures to keep their guests and staff safe. Some of the measures they have taken are as follows:

Separate & secured entrances

Compared to average hotels, Dukley Hotel & Resort has a unique structure, with separate entrances to each residence, allowing minimum exposure to public areas for guests, as well as ensures complete privacy. Each residence has direct access to the beach, with no need to pass through large public areas.

In-room check-in and check-out

They have implemented new measures, which will allow the hotel to improve upon standard check-in/check-out procedures.
Each guest will receive full information upon check-in, in the privacy of their own residence.

Virtual front desk/concierge assistance

In addition to the standard available land lines, they have supplied each residence with a smartphone/iPhone, as well as pre-installed applications, to provide ease of contact with the Front desk, via a video calling platform.

Á la carte breakfast & Private dining

Dukley Hotel & Resort’s award-wining restaurant has taken special steps to provide high quality cuisine, as well as service, with minimum public exposure, by eliminating buffet breakfast service and providing a full a la carte breakfast menu. Additionally, each guest will be able to enjoy delicacies and specialties from the privacy of their residence, or in the hotels secure and fully operational private dining option.

A private resort

Dukley Hotel & Resort is a completely secluded resort, with the highest level of privacy, providing 24/7 service and ensuring that the comfort and security of our guests are of the utmost importance.

Dukley Hotel & Resort invite you into their serene world where you can recharge, relax and reinvent yourself.

Relish in the uniquely designed seaside residences, that offer every modern convenience you can think of, as well as a true home away from home experience.
Restore your inner balance and calm by being surrounded by the hotel’s lush evergreen gardens and the tranquil blue waters of the Adriatic.  Immerse yourself into the crystal clear sea, or unwind in the infinity pool, as you gaze upon the island of St. Nikola and Budva’s Old Town.
Delight in beautiful restaurants and savour classical recipes from around the globe. Each of the hotel’s four restaurants respire with a distinctive atmosphere and offer a memorable gastronomic adventure. Lounge and soak up the sun at one of three private beaches, sheltered by everlasting pinewood forests, Mediterranean blossoms and olive groves.

The wellbeing of guests, as well as devoted team members, has always been the utmost importance to Dukley Hotel & Resort. Which is why they have been implementing all recommendations and measures prescribed by the Government of Montenegro and the World Health Organization since day one.

To ensure the safety of their guests and staff, they continue going above and beyond by providing the highest levels of conditions and services by taking precautions and using special sanitising chemicals. 

Stay tuned!

Detailed information regarding any significant activity that may impact guest experiences will be shared with you in our following newsletters. 

For more information please visit: www.dukleyhotels.com

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