Delicious non-alcoholic alternatives for dry January

Dry January is a great opportunity to reduce your alcohol intake, which is why FLUÈRE and High Point Amber have a developed a tasty range of non-alcoholic options to help you along the way 

FLUÈRE Non-Alcoholic Spirits
FLUÈRE is a range of non-alcoholic spirits made with the same distilling techniques used to produce alcoholic spirits such as gin, mezcal and rum. The FLUÈRE range is made with the finest ingredients and botanicals for a complex yet balanced taste. 

FLUÈRE is the perfect non-alcoholic alternative for everyone who wants to live a more mindful life without compromising on taste. FLUÈRE is a balanced floral blend of botanicals produced using steam distillation to carefully extract the natural oils and flavours from the fruits, herbs and spices. Unique to FLUÈRE is a pleasant after-bite that is typically associated with alcoholic drinks.

There are four different expressions in the FLUÈRE range – FLUÈRE Original, FLUÈRE Raspberry, FLUÈRE Spiced Cane and FLUÈRE Smoked Agave. The portfolio offers bartenders and cocktail lovers a premium base for creating a broad range of no and low alcohol cocktails.
FLUÈRE Original, Smoked Agave, Spiced Cane, Raspberry RRP: £20 for 70cl. FLUÈRE have also recently launched smaller 275ml bottles.

High Point Amber Digestif 
High Point Amber it a great alternative to that whisky occasion. The deeply smoky fermented digestif has been cold-smoked and aged for one week after blending. High Point Amber is crafted without artificial flavours or colours and with a selection of natural ingredients from the surrounding Cornish countryside, such as Cornish spring water and tea leaves, which are then fermented and blended to produce a product that is layered in flavours, deep in aromas and complexity.

High Point’s vision is to take a stand for flavour and to become famous for making exceptional non-alcoholic fermented drinks created for fine food, great company and moments that matter. High Point pushes the boundaries of fermentation and blending to make exceptional non-alcoholic drinks. High Point Amber RRP: £19.99 for 70cl.

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