Cygnet 22 – Premium Gin Crafted in Wales

Cygnet 22, the new premium gin from the Cygnet range have officially announced a launch date of its upcoming arrival to the UK on 12th June for £47.50.  Pre-orders sold out in record time for Cygnet 22, the gin founded by the UK’s most successful classical singer Katherine Jenkins OBE and artist and social-impact filmmaker Andrew Levitas. Cygnet 22 will be joining Cygnet Welsh Dry Gin in the collection. 

Born from the desire to break the mould in a traditionally male-dominated spirits industry and inspired by a Welsh spirit produced just six miles down the road from where Katherine grew up in Swansea, Cygnet 22 is a ‘Best in Glass’ gin for the sisterhood of gin lovers and beyond. As a gin aficionado, Katherine has worked diligently with the team to create this expression and is ready to take this best of Welsh product to the rest of the world. In fact, the initial announcement about the arrival of Cygnet made such a splash globally that pre-orders sold out in a record time of a week.

Representing the culmination of a personal journey, Cygnet 22 embodies elegance and is a true category disruptor, using the finest botanicals and pure Welsh water. Cygnet’s outstanding flavour comes from the talented sixth generational Welsh distillation team led by master distiller Aster Sadler, who combines traditional methods in a 300 litre Arnold Holstein copper pot still to produce the smoothest and purest gin on the market.

Following the successful arrival of the Cygnet Welsh Dry Gin, husband and wife duo, Katherine and Andrew were inspired to create Cygnet 22 (RRP £47.50), the first truly Welsh Ultra-Premium Gin. With the name deriving from a baby swan, the animal symbolic of Swansea, and the special significance of ’22’ to Katherine; the age when she was offered the largest recording deal in classical music history, the Cygnet team crafted the gin with sipping in mind, using 22 of the finest Welsh botanicals.

Combining the 12 botanicals used in the production of the Cygnet Welsh Dry Gin with additional botanicals including Bee Pollen, Lemon Balm, Rose Petals and White Peppercorns, Cygnet 22 is a distinctive and flavoursome product. The most noticeable addition to Cygnet 22 is the incorporation of their secret ingredient ‘Manuka Honey’ chosen by Katherine herself, a long-term devotee for its healing properties (using it for her voice, health and family). The complexity of flavours and aromas capture the timeless essence and personality of the gin, leaving a smooth, silky taste and a one-of-a kind ultra-premium gin.

Cygnet is deeply committed to operating a sustainable supply chain to help reduce its impact on the planet. Katherine and Andrew place sustainability and environmental awareness at the centre of their philosophy and as such, Cygnet is dedicated to providing consumers with the freshest, highest-quality ingredients which are sourced responsibly from local suppliers. Working closely with co-founder and influential designer Eric Villency, the team has designed a bottle that weighs up to 50% less than the average spirits bottle, meaning far less raw materials and energy are required in both production and transportation. Both recyclable and refillable, the Cygnet 22 is a bottle for life with regeneration and upcycling capabilities intrinsic to the design and brand ethos, encouraging consumers to re-use as a water carafe or striking single stem vase.

Katherine Jenkins OBE and husband Andrew Levitas say: “Cygnet 22 combines the finest local botanicals with pure Welsh water and being surrounded by the nature and beauty of the valleys, a whole lot of ‘Hwyl!’ (An ecstatic feeling of inspiration unique to Wales). It was also incredibly important for us to create something beautiful but sustainable, all of this results in an ultra-premium gin that is so smooth you can sip it on its own.”

Cygnet 22 is a revolutionary premium craft gin in the truest sense of the word, and can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or mixed with a delicious light tonic, lemon slice and rosemary spring garnish, ideal for gifting to yourself and connecting special friends.

Cygnet 22 is available to purchase from Monday 12th June from

Cygnet 22 (ABV 44%) – £47.50
Cygnet Welsh Dry Gin (ABV 40%) – £35