Crown Jewels inspired Christmas Lights Display on Bond Street

Bond Street to launch a spectacular new Christmas lights display for 2022 inspired by The Crown Jewels

Bond Street has launched a brand new, spectacular Christmas lighting design, taking inspiration from the resplendent magnificence of The Crown Jewels and the world-famous and revered jewellery houses that have settled in Bond Street over the centuries.

Set to bring Christmas cheer from Thursday 17th November 2022, the designs which have taken over 12 months to created will replace the much-loved peacock feathers, which have been in suit for the past eight years.

Concept and planning for the new Christmas lights started in early 2021 to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee and our longest serving monarch, HRH Queen Elizabeth II.

The new scheme will be made up of 93,652 LED’s using recyclable, long-life materials, which are more sustainable, creating an efficiency saving of 75%.

The schemes design will feature:

Four magnificent crowns which will be visible at each of the key junctions on Bond Street. The design takes inspiration from The Imperial State Crown – one of the most important pieces in The Crown Jewels collection, symbolising the sovereignty of the monarch.

The crossings, which run the length of Bond Street will echo the shape of shimmering platinum, golf, diamond and pearl necklaces and will be ‘strung’ across Old and New Bond Street, reminiscent of the stunning necklaces in the collections of the renowned jewellers on Bond Street.

Gateways at the north (Oxford Street end of New Bond Street) and the south, (Piccadilly end of Old Bond Street), will form a grand entrance into Bond Street ‘announcing’ the new lights as visitors pass under a grand ‘Tiara-like’ gateway, of sparkling gold, silver and luminous pearl lights.

Royalty runs through Bond Streets history. Created by Sir Thomas Bond in 1686, who selected the site to be close to the palaces of St James’, Royal patronage played a key role in drawing the greatest merchants, artists and master artisans together to create the extraordinary designs of the day. Today, the street and its neighbours St James’ boasts more Royal Warrants than any other area in the UK.

Bond Street’s jewellery legacy stands proud and tall and is home to some of the world’s greatest houses such as Bulgari, Boodles, Cartier, David Morris, DeBeers, (which created a stunning diamond crown for the Diamond Jubilee) and Tiffany & Co, which was given the Royal Warrant by Queen Victoria in 1882.

To listen to more about Bond Street’s royal story, a podcast, recorded during the Platinum Jubilee, go to Bond Street: The Queen & History of Style: A Right Royal History read Poppy Delevingne, which available on Apple Podcasts.

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