Collectible luxury hand-made chess set commemorates Scotland’s Battle of Bannockburn

Lovers of Scottish history and folklore will enjoy this extraordinary, limited-edition, luxury chess set, evoking the passion and drama of the Battle of Bannockburn, the world-renowned, pivotal battle in Scotland’s long struggle for freedom.

The size and gravitas of the hand-cast solid pewter playing pieces is imposing, with the players up to 12 cm in height. Unlike almost every other chess set, all 32 chess pieces in the Bannockburn set are different: each one depicting an individual or place that played a part leading up to the Battle that changed history.

Stirling 1314’s exceptional craftsmanship, care and detail that goes into every piece, makes this a true collectible which will go on to become a treasured family heirloom.

Among the ranks of The 700thAnniversary Battle of Bannockburn Chess Set, can be found Robert the Bruce, Sir William Wallace and Stirling Castle for the Scots, and King Edward II, Queen Margaret of France and the Tower of London for the English.

Setting off such an exceptional set is an impressive 520 mm x 520 mm metal-edged chess board, inlaid with pewter playing squares carrying the Thistle of Scotland, the Rose of England, and the royal seals of Robert the Bruce and Edward II.

This a big chess set, weighing in at 42lbs/19 kilos and presented in an impressive gold-embossed leather cloth presentation box, with an accompanying booklet packed with the essential background to each of the chess pieces and the creators of the set. A theme-chosen CD “For Freedom Alone” and a signed and framed limited-edition certificate of authenticity completes the package.

This limited-edition Battle of Bannockburn Chess Set is priced at £3,250.00 (+VAT), so a special gift for a special person! The whole story is at