Classy yacht charter on Lake Zurich

A romantic cruise, private family party or corporate event in mind?

Based in Zurich, Switzerland, White Pearl Cruises offers deluxe, classical motor yachts with skipper for charter on Lake Zurich. Tailor-made arrangements are available for groups of 2 to 45 guests, may it be a romantic cruise on the original Venetian mahogany boat Donna Anna, a family event with water sports activities, or a corporate reception/ dinner on Le Studio 45, an Art Deco-style ship from 1929. Further options, such as a live saxophone performance, a guided excursion through the picturesque township of Rapperswil, or a Michelin-star private chef on board, can also be added.

The Luxury Report spoke to its founder and managing director Dr. Ulrich Oppelt to learn more about White Pearl Cruises.

The Luxury Report: What is the vision of White Pearl Cruises?

Ulrich Oppelt: Our vision is to create bespoke, first-class experiences on Lake Zurich for our guests – may it be for just an hour or a full day. The bespoke experience comprises a carefully selected fleet of classical luxurious ships, exclusive food and beverages and a professional multilingual crew – somehow comparable to chartering a private jet.

TLR: You often talk about bringing back the style of the Golden Sixties; what do you actually mean?

UO: The Golden Sixties for us at White Pearl Cruises stands as a synonym for a period of growth and wealth as well as undisturbed indulgence and light-hearted comfort (often celebrated on yachts). When embarking on our yachts, guests will feel an atmosphere of comfort, relaxation, style, and indulgence, leaving behind the hectic modern life. Chartering your private yacht also means entering a secluded space and not being exposed to any paparazzi.

Donna Anna
Le Studio 45

TLR: Who do you think will like your services?

UO: Being the only operator of luxury yachts on the lake, we typically attract three kinds of guests. Foreign visitors, often families, who would stay at any 5-star hotel in Zurich and want to explore the city as well as the landscape from the lake or just take a swim from the boat in the crystal-clear water with water temperatures climbing up to 30°C (85°F) in summer; private guests celebrating an anniversary, birthday or wedding; and corporate customers seeking the right location for a team event or for marketing purposes.

TLR: What do your clients love the most when they are with White Pearl Cruises?

UO: Our guests most often talk about how delighted they are by our classy, vintage ships and appreciate the attentive service of our multilingual crew. And they also love the quality of our food & beverage programme.

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Le Studio 45