Celebrating A Precious Legacy

Head to the gateway of Germany’s Black Forest this summer to discover one of history’s most remarkable jewellery makers

Pushing the boundaries of design and craftsmanship has long been the hallmark of German jewellery makers Wellendorff. Their otherworldly creations

Members of the Wellendorff family will be sharing unique insights are borne out of superlative goldsmith skills, passed down through the generations, and honed with passion and precision. Using only the most exquisite materials, Wellendorff believe it’s not just about what we see, but what we feel, giving rise to their jewellery’s silky-smooth finish. Precious few jewellery makers can match the requirements of a discerning international clientele quite like Wellendorff. For the family, it’s all part of their quest to reimagine luxury. Which is why from the 5 July through 29 September 2024, the Wellendorff Manufactory is being celebrated in its home town of Pforzheim, Germany.

The exhibition focuses on our connection with jewellery and the Wellendorff legacy of giving lasting joy. Indeed, ever since 1893, when Ernst Alexander Wellendorff presented his work to the most distinguished customers of his time
– including princes, kings and aristocrats from all over Europe, who spent their summers in Baden-Baden – the desire to create the very best pieces has been at the heart of the Wellendorff legend.

The centrepiece of the exhibition will be the world’s longest gold rope – a 19-metre showcase that reaches out like a sparkling horizon across the visitor’s gaze. Prepare to be dazzled.

Wearing the jewellery should be a sensual experience in itself, when the gold rope glides around the neck, the bracelet swings around the wrist and the ring sparkles. New creations are subject to the strict approval of the Wellendorff family. Now in the fifth generation, they are the first to test the latest finery and are all actively involved in the company, specifying the requirements that each piece must fulfil. It should be uncomplicated, fit perfectly and grace the wearer throughout every occasion without pinching or catching. As the head of the company Eva Wellendorff emphasises, the result must be jewellery that you don’t just see, but that you feel also. The science behind the exquisite craftsmanship remains the company’s best-kept secret. But what is no secret is the exceptional radiance that Wellendorff jewellery exudes – it is the epitome of elegance, sophistication and natural grace.

Make a date for “The Secret Of Luxury – The Art of Jewellery-Making by Wellendorff at Schmuckmuseum, Pforzheim and learn about the artisans behind the magic, and trace the history of this iconic family through the last 100 years and more. Those with a passion for jewellery can discover how the very best marry design concepts with the perfect materials, and see for themselves what happens when art, science and technology become one. As a special highlight, members of the Wellendorff family will be sharing unique insights and talking about their special affinity with these treasures, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in this fascinating world and trace the Secret of Luxury.

Shining within a season of culture

‘The Secret of Luxury – The Art of Jewellery-Making by Wellendorff ’ takes place during Ornamenta 2024 – a cultural event that runs from July through to September in Pforzheim and the Northern Black Forest. Ornamenta sweeps across the entire region celebrating all that is unique about this remarkable part of Germany. Showcasing exhibitions, galas, public installations and much more, Ornamenta has a strong emphasis on fostering the next generation of artists and thinkers, passing on inspiration and excellence to new talent.