Celebrate National Cognac Day With Hermitage Cognac

National Cognac Day 4th June – Hermitage Cognac, Trilogy Range Launches Celebrating 19th Century Café Culture In France

Hermitage Cognac launches Trilogy range celebrating 19th century Café culture in Europe

Hermitage Cognac, an independent, premium cognac house, has recently launched its ‘Trilogy’ age statement range, featuring Cigar 15, Café 20 and Cacao 25 Grande Champagne Cognacs.  Consumers can buy either the complete trilogy of single estate cognacs, or individual expressions in the range. This exclusive range is now available to purchase online from selected wine and spirits merchants or from hermitagecognac.com

The ‘Trilogy’ range of cognacs are naturally aged and free from artificial additives, colouring and sugars. Produced from the Ugni Blanc grape, grown in the Grande Champagne region, Cognac’s premier cru, they undergo meticulous distillation in small stills followed by a long natural ageing in oak casks. The Trilogy range are first matured in new Limousin French oak barrels for around six months before being transferred to older casks for the remainder of their ageing process.  The individual ageing process, as indicated by the numbers on the labels, enhances the richness and complexity of the cognacs and the result is a range with a refined fusion of flavours that exemplifies premier cru excellence. 

The Trilogy range pays homage to the 19th century café culture in France when cognac was often enjoyed with dark coffees, sweetmeats or pastries. The Hermitage Trilogy range reflects the excitement and joy of this period, and each 70cl bottle is presented in packaging that evokes the allure of the French impressionist artist, Pierre-August Renoir’s love of the café culture.

Commenting on the launch of this new range, David Baker, Chairman and Managing Director of Hermitage Cognac said, “I am delighted to add the Trilogy range to our portfolio, a trio of exceptional, single estate vintage cognacs that reflect our ethos of delivering cognacs with authenticity and provenance.  We are finding more and more that our customers are looking for the finest, luxury cognacs to drink and enjoy but also for spirits that are rooted in culture and tradition. Today the Trilogy range encompasses all of these qualities.”

Hermitage Cognac Cigar 15 

Tasting Notes:

Colour: Gold

Aroma: The seductive eastern aromas of tobacco, saffron, almonds and yeast provide a mystique which is completed by a hint of citrus.

Flavour: Aged for more than 15 years in Limousin oak casks this cognac has produced many complementary flavours of pork crackle, mushrooms and walnuts along with saffron and hint of dry cocoa. There is a dry citrus finish of kumquats and grapefruit peel. A delight to complement the finest cigar.
RRP: £97.80 for 70 cl bottle. ABV: 41% 

Hermitage Cognac Café 20 

Tasting Notes:

Colour: Deep, dark tan

Aroma: There is a rich coffee and mocha aroma with hints of roasted walnuts and demerara sugar.

Flavour: This cognac has aged in oak casks for more than twice as long as most XO cognacs. The intensely rich coffee and mocha flavours combined with brittle toffee and some citrus finishing notes ensure this cognac will provide lasting pleasure.
RRP: £111.00 for 70 cl bottle ABV: 42%. 

Hermitage Cognac Cacao 25 

Tasting Notes:

Colour: A deep tan with a rich golden hue

 Aroma: Aroma of dark chocolate, date and walnuts

Flavour: The wonderful complexity of dark chocolate, ginger, honey and wild cherries is completed with a delicate marmalade finish, making it an ideal after dinner digestif.
RRP: £135.55 for 70 cl bottle ABV: 43%. 

The Trilogy range is available from a wide range of stockists, including Hedonism, The Whisky Exchange and brandyclassics.com

Further information – www.hermitagecognac.com | @hermitage_cognac