Celebrate International Gin & Tonic Day with Silent Pool Distillers

Celebrate International Gin & Tonic Day (Oct 19th) with award-winning Silent Pool Distillers

The seasons have changed yet quintessentially English Silent Pool Gin remains the timeless beverage of choice to enjoy this International Gin and Tonic Day (October 19th).

As 49% of bartenders are now opting for ‘premium minimalism’ – which avoids complex serves with an abundance of garnishes, instead letting the quality of the spirit speak for itself* – Silent Pool’s highball G&T cocktail serves continue to capture the spirit of cocktail aficionados for their simplicity and understated flair. 

With Silent Pool’s foundational 24-core botanical recipe, discerning drinkers can now experiment with the timeless G&Ts – from Rare Citrus to Black Juniper expressions, there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes this International Gin and Tonic Day.


A contemporary London Dry gin with floral top notes, this luxury handcrafted gin is made from 24 botanicals with the aim of capturing the essence of the Surrey Hills. 

Perfectly served in a G&T with Indian tonic and garnished with an orange slice, this opulent serve is the classic go-to for those who enjoy a fresh and floral cocktail that is both gentle and alluring.

Silent Pool Gin is available for RRP £42.50 from Silent Pool.


A spin on the classic Silent Pool Gin – an innovative and alluring gin handcrafted with the world’s rarest citrus. Expertly balances bright and zesty notes of Buddha’s Hand with enticingly rich notes of Natsu Dai Dai. 

​​Subtly sweetened with Hirado Buntan,  this spin on the classic Silent Pool Gin is versatile enough to be tried in a variety of Silent Pool’s signature recipes, particularly the classic Negroni.

Silent Pool Gin (70cl)  is available to purchase from Silent Pool for RRP £42.50.

Classic Negroni

A captivating fusion of Silent Pool Rare Citrus Gin, Campari and Sweet Vermouth. Served on the rocks, this enticing elixir is adorned with a garnish of pink grapefruit, imparting a delightful citrusy zest. 


25ml Rare Citrus

25ml Campari

25ml Sweet Vermouth


Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass and stir with ice to chill.

Garnish with pink grapefruit.


The Rose Expression gin by Silent Pool is both light and elegant with smooth, herbaceous notes of vetiver and cardamom which mingle beautifully on the palate. Made using locally grown rose petals, the Rose Expression is a refined Silent Pool recipe which allows the floral flavour notes to take centre stage.

Silent Pool Rose Expression Gin can be purchased by the bottle (70cl) for £42.50 from Silent Pool Distillers. 


Gin and Tonic*

A classic gin and tonic with complimentary floral notes for added depth.


40ml Rose Expression Gin

50ml Mediterranean or Elderflower tonic water


Pour all ingredients into a stirring glass.

Stir over ice and strain into a Nick and Nora glass.


Silent Pool Distillers’ newly launched Kaffir Lime Expression Gin offers the perfect balance of depth and complexity. Kaffir Lime Expression is mouth-wateringly smooth, with a clean and distinct aroma characterised by vibrant kaffir lime leaf. Created with the aim of celebrating and elevating the peppery, citrus aroma of Kaffir Lime, a hidden hero ingredient from Silent Pool’s 24-botanical-strong core gin recipe, Kaffir Lime Expression is available to purchase exclusively at Silent Pool’s Distillery, located in the heart of the Surrey Hills, its online shop and selected Surrey independent retailers. 

Silent Pool’s Kaffir Lime Expression Gin is available to purchase from the distillery, online shop and Surrey independent retailers for £45 (70cl. ABV: 43%). 


Kaffir and Champagne Sour*

Refreshing twist on a sour with kaffir, chamomile and Champagne notes.


To prepare champagne and chamomile syrup:

600ml flat champagne

600ml white sugar

5g chamomile flowers

2g malic acid

Put all ingredients in a pan and let simmer on the stove for approximately 10 minutes or until the liquid coats the back of a spoon


50ml Silent Pool Gin Kaffir Lime expression

22.5ml Chamomile and Champagne syrup

22.5ml fresh lemon juice

25ml egg white

20ml Chablis

5 drops Absinthe


Mix all ingredients and shake on ice.

Pour in a coupette/Nick and Nora.

Garnish with Silent Pool Kaffir Lime mist.


Presenting a genuinely masterful blend of Bhutanese and English heritage, Silent Pool Black Juniper Gin harnesses the power of the finest ingredients in the world, combining them with the precision and innovation of Silent Pool’s craft distillers in the Surrey Hills.  

As discerning drinkers increasingly view their cocktails as a way to travel the world by escapism through flavour*, Silent Pool Black Juniper Gin arrives at an exciting time, bridging the gap between a growing gin market and a thirst for a deeper cultural connection to the spirit on offer.  

The perfect choice for gin aficionados who want to develop their understanding of the category too, as 20% of consumers now keen to explore drinks that haven’t previously been on their radar, including premium versions of their favourite spirits*. Introducing the palate to some of the most complex ingredients in the world, this new spirit masterpiece is curated with considered and delicate layering, best sipped or served in an Alaska or Neroli martini.

Silent Pool Black Juniper Gin (100cl)  is available to purchase from Silent Pool for RRP £296.50.


Sipping serve

Black Juniper gin is designed to be enjoyed sipped, releasing the multi-layered sensory experience. Simply pour a single serving over ice and be transported to the Bhutanese mountains. 


A classic yet unforgettable Martini style drink for anyone looking for an intense herbal combination.The Chartreuse in this cocktail compliments the smokiness of the gin, while the orange bitters add a unique and refreshing flavour.


40ml Black Juniper Gin

10ml Yellow Chartreuse

2 dashes Orange Bitters


Pour all ingredients in a stirring glass.

Stir over ice and strain into a Nick and Nora glass.

No garnish.


The perfect present for those preparing for the festive period early. This gift pack contains a Silent Pool Gin/Silent Pool Rare Citrus Gin Copa Glass, a miniature Silent Pool Gin/Silent Pool Rare Citrus Gin and a Fever Tree Indian Tonic Can to serve up the perfect double Silent Pool Gin & Tonic.

Silent Pool Gin G&T Pack / Silent Pool Rare Citrus Gin G&T Pack is available for RRP £15 through Silent Pool.