Caorunn Gin Partners with World Class Mixologist Walter Pintus

To inspire cocktail creativity at home, Caorunn has partnered with world class mixologist, Walter Pintus, to curate a selection of mouth-watering cocktail recipes for gin fans to savour. Each recipe has been inspired by Caorunn’s Scottish craftsmanship, and the distinctive hand-foraged botanicals that go into making it.

Carefully handcrafted in the Scottish Highlands, Caorunn is nurtured in small batches and quadruple-distilled, giving it an individual flavour profile. Beautifully versatile, Caorunn is perfect for any classic or contemporary cocktail.

An Afternoon in the Highlands

A sophisticated take on the classic G&T, this cocktail involves a fermentation process that brings a concentration of acidity, fruitiness and umami notes, all embraced with some quinine aromatics and a hint of floral smoke, for an extra layer of flavour.

40ml Caorunn | 30ml raspberry cordial or raspberry fermentation | 25ml lemon juice 40ml tonic water | 2ml peat whisky (we like to use anCnoc Peatheart)

Glass: Try a tumbler or gin balloon glass


For the raspberry cordial, stir together 500 grams of caster sugar with one litre of water and 200g raspberries in a pan. Bring it to the boil and simmer for 15 minutes. Let it cool down, strain and refrigerate.

*Or, if using a raspberry fermentation, weigh 20 grams of raspberries, add 5 grams of salt and wait three to four days.

Stir all the ingredients with ice and serve in a rocks glass over ice. Garnish with wildflowers.

Cocktail Tip from Walter: This straightforward recipe can be built directly in the glass, over ice cubes. If you don’t have a measure, you can use the screw cap from a bottle, which takes roughly 10ml of liquid.

Celtic Remedy

A celebration of one of Britain’s best-loved summer berries, this cocktail has a bittersweet character and a refreshing, fruity finish. Light and amble, this drink is perfect for a sunny afternoon tipple.

30ml Caorunn Gin | 10ml Campari | 2.5ml cider vinegar | ¼ apple | 1 blackberry | 10ml sugar syrup

Glass: A tumbler

Garnish: Blackberries

In a shaker, muddle the apple and the blackberry together. Add the rest of ingredients and shake. Double strain over ice and garnish with a blackberry.

Cocktail Tip from Walter: If you don’t have a shaker, a clean, empty jar will do the job, just remember to seal it before you start shaking – and be sure to strain all the fruit out before serving.


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