Cake it at Peggy Porschen

To describe this place in a word it would be simply, Pink! The day I visit is a crisp sunny winter day in February. Even from a distance, I can see the distinctive pastel pink of the bakery on the corner. Best described as a shining pink, flowery beacon. Upon arrival, I’m kindly informed I’ll need to wait for a table as the venue is very small and very popular.

After a five minute wait, I’m invited inside where the sugary sweet colour theme continues. I’m seated on a clear plastic chair at a grey marble-topped table in the corner. I’m right next to a display wall with an array of delicious pink gift sets, that look very appetising.

Browsing the menu, it’s difficult to make a decision as it all looks seriously good. You can order their beautifully presented layer cakes by the slice in indulgent flavours including dark chocolate truffle, salted caramel and plenty more.

I decide to go for one of their famous cupcakes, once described by Vanity Fair as ‘The best cupcakes in the world’.

I peruse over the Valentine’s display where they offer specialty themed cakes. I go for ‘Peggy loves Lulu Chocolate Heaven’ cupcake. Which is actually a collaboration with Lulu Guinness, the British handbag and accessory designer.
Quite in keeping with that theme, my cake arrives with pink lips and red lipstick edible decoration on top.

The cake is truly delicious and I’d be inclined to agree with Vanity Fair!
Not surprisingly so though, as here at Peggy Porschen they bake the cakes daily, fresh fand from scratch at their kitchens, also in Belgravia using traditional baking methods.

Peggy Porschen grew up near Cologne in Germany and knew from a very young age that she wanted to become a cake designer. She launched her own bespoke cake company in 2003 after completing Le Cordon Bleu’s ‘Grand diploma of cuisine and patisserie ‘ in 1999. By August 2010 she had opened the Peggy Porschen parlour.

You can see evidence of her success in the baking books left on display around the place for you to browse.

Once ready to leave, I pay my bill at the counter to staff in a uniform of the colour – you guessed it – pink!

I’m handed my receipt of the same colour feeling one hundred percent positive I’ll be returning for a delightful cake very soon.

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Peggy Porschen
116 Ebury Street