Burberry Takeover At Harrods

Burberry Takes Over Harrods: A Symphony in “Knight Blue”

In the heart of London’s Knightsbridge, the iconic Harrods department store has undergone a remarkable transformation! Its hallowed halls, usually adorned with opulent displays and luxury goods, were now bathed in a mesmerising hue of Knight Blue shade. This isn’t just a colour, it is a bold statement to celebrate British elegance, craftmanship and innovation.

Photo Credit: Luthfi Syahwal / Shutterstock.com

Burberry, renowned for its timeless trench coats, plaid scarves and quintessential British style introduced Knight Blue as its new signature colour as it is known to evoke sophistication, mystery and a sense of tradition. In turn, this pays homage to Burberry’s storied past. Burberry’s CEO, Daniel Lee helped to organise this collaboration.

Photo Credit: PixelBiss / Shutterstock.com

Make sure to head over to Harrods to check out this amazing takeover which is there until 29 February.

Article Cover Image Credits – Tom Eversley / Shutterstock.com