Beach Blanket Babylon enjoys a post lock-down re-vamp

Quirky, magical and opulent, Beach Blanket Babylon has retained its position as one of London’s most beloved bars and restaurants for over three decades, with everyone from Rita Ora and Selena Gomez to Prince William and Kate flocking to enjoy its unique charms. Housed in a gorgeous mansion in the heart of Notting Hill, this unique venue has now reopened its doors. Whilst the ambience remains unchanged, guests will discover a subtle re-imagination of the interiors and an exciting new culinary direction, resulting in an even more sublime dining experience.

Beach Blanket Babylon’s new menu is the creation of recently appointed Head Chef Jan Pace, latterly Head Chef for the Ivy Collection. Jan’s impressive portfolio also includes senior positions at the likes of Coq d`Argent, Electric House Private Members’ Club, Morton’s Club and Petrus Gordon Ramsay.

Jan’s brilliantly curated collection of dishes comprises an array of deceptively simple but masterfully created brasserie favourites, such as Aromatic crispy duck salad with chilli & ginger, Linguine chilli with aglio olio and Chicken Milanese, fried egg, artichokes, rocket & parmesan salad with truffled mayo Full of flavour and texture and beautifully plated, each dish is a true feast for all the senses.

Choose to eat this superb fare in a choice of dining rooms that include the Chapel, Crypt and Scullery, all connected by walkways, tunnels, bridges and staircases. Or for those who prefer to escape the madding crowd, Beach Blanket Babylon’s stunning first floor ballroom has seen A-Listers, royalty and captains of industry host capital’s most exuberant soirees. A dazzling combination of baroque glamour and boho some of the chic – once described as “part ancient Rome, part Versailles” – this hidden gem can accommodate up to 130 people.

Bringing some much-needed glamour back to the London hospitality scene, Beach Blanket Babylon is the perfect spot for leisurely lunches, late night dinners, decadent cocktails and fabulous private events. All with the appropriate safety measures in place of course.

Beach Blanket Babylon is open Monday to Saturday from 12pm to 12am and on Sunday from 12pm to 11pm.

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