Be at one with the Amazon

Deep within the Ecuadorian Amazon lies a hidden world of astounding natural beauty and ancient traditional culture. The small nation of Ecuador contains just 2% of the entire Amazon, but it houses one of the most pristine and biodiverse ecosystems on the planet. The Yasuní National Park was designated as a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1989, due to the vast range of animal and plant species that inhabit it. Few people know about this tiny slice of paradise, and even fewer have had the opportunity to set foot beneath its lush canopies or to navigate its mighty tributaries. Anakonda Amazon Cruises offers you a truly one-of-a-kind invitation aboard one of their two luxury expedition vessels, built from the ground up to navigate the wilderness of the Amazon in absolute style.

Where comfort meets conservation

It may be hard at first to reconcile the beauty and freedom of nature with the bespoke opulence of a cruise, but Anakonda Amazon Cruises have created a perfect blend of exploration and relaxation right in the heart of the rainforest. Spacious, climate-controlled suites offer spectacular views of the surrounding forest as the vessels weave through the Amazon. Bursting with life, the Yasuní National Park contains over 200 species of butterflies, 596 species of birds, 150 species of amphibians, 121 species of reptiles, and 200 species of mammals. Seasoned naturalists guide guests through rainforest expeditions, leading you to secret repositories of extraordinary natural beauty. Members of tribes that have called the rainforest home since time immemorial invite you to take part in their ancient traditions and culture. Greet the morning from a private balcony, spend the day exploring the rainforest, dine while watching the Amazon drift by, and then unwind on deck in an open-air hot tub or sip a cocktail under the stars.

Yasuní provides a refuge for a range of rare, endemic species. Many of these, such as the pink river dolphin and the charapa turtle, are threatened with extinction due to industrial exploitation of the rainforest. Anakonda Amazon Cruises has created protected areas for these and other species and has set up conservation programmes to maintain them, based on a system of responsible tourism that has been developed in collaboration with native communities.

Together with Anakonda Amazon Cruises, you are invited to participate directly in these conservation efforts, contributing to real change in the world, while partaking in experiences found nowhere else. Guests can come face to face with the extremely rare pink river dolphin and can sponsor charapa turtle hatchlings,  helping them return from protected nesting areas back into the wild. By taking part in these activities, you support local tourism, which in turn maintains the conservation projects that are vital to the survival of these precious species.

Authentic and sustainable

Every one of the cultural encounters on the cruise line’s itineraries is organised by the founder and CEO of Anakonda Amazon Cruises, Raúl “El Capi” García. Raúl takes great care to make sure the experiences are as authentic as possible, and that careful consideration is taken to maintain absolute respect for the local communities. You will meet with inhabitants in their homes and villages and will be introduced to them by expert guides and translators, many of whom are from the area. You will learn about their traditions and lifestyles and listen to stories passed down from ancient times. You will also taste food completely unique to this part of the world, such as prepared yuca, maito with salt and pepper, non-alcoholic chicha, and much more. These culinary delights are guaranteed to inspire even the most well-travelled gastronome.

Raúl’s work is motivated by a commitment to meld conservationism with unique travel experiences. Built on the personal relationships he has developed over 40 years of living and working in the rainforest, his initiatives are based on friendship and a deep passion for conservation of the Amazon. By hiring and training members of local Amazon communities as crew on board his vessels, and collaborating with those same local communities to protect different areas of the forest, Raúl has developed a sustainable tourism model that helps preserve the wildlife and provides an income for the guardians of the rainforest. Each journey through the Amazon is expressly designed with the purpose of mutually benefiting guests, the local communities, and the environment. By developing conservation projects, creating alternative forms of income that are aligned with the needs of the ecosystem and constructing a platform for sharing ancestral cultures, Anakonda Amazon Cruises are continually striving to help preserve the indigenous communities and the native ecology of the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Immerse yourself in the rainforest surrounded by the world-class comfort provided by Anakonda Amazon Cruises. Drift off to sleep each night knowing that tomorrow will bring adventure, beauty, and cultural experiences like nothing you’ve ever imagined. Most of all, feel the Amazon as it comes alive all around you.

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