As Nature Intended

Ilha Deserta is one of the five barrier islands in the Ria Formosa Natural Park, Algarve, Portugal. This pristine island captivates visitors with its astonishing natural beauty: from rare migratory birds, to the incredible flora, marine life and reptiles, Ilha Deserta is a hotspot of biodiversity. New species are still being discovered.

One of the most attractive characteristics is the scent of the island. Because the air is so clean Ilha Deserta is immersed in a vibrant wash of aromas, especially when it rains.

Ilha Deserta is special whatever the season. The summer calms the mighty Atlantic, so you can bathe and bask in the sunshine amid this most beautiful landscape. In autumn, birds migrate south to Ria Formosa, seeking sanctuary from the cold northern European winter. The winter brings silence and change; waves start to pound the coast, the wind picks up and wildlife seeks shelter on the island. The arrival of spring heralds new life as the flowers and plants begin to bloom.

Showing visitors around Ilha Deserta is local tour company Animaris. For decades Animaris’ team of expert guides has been exploring this remote corner of Portugal – devoting their time to understanding more about the landscape, the plant life and the animals that call it home. Animaris is dedicated to preserving the natural beauty of the island, and organises nature tours that allow you to feel the island and the Ria Formosa as nature intended.

Whether it is personalised experiences for small or large groups, families or business trips, Animaris is committed to giving you the perfect day at the Ria Formosa Natural Park. After a boat tour, you can enjoy lunch at the Restaurant Estaminé and discover the very best of Algarvian food and wine, complete with a panoramic view of the coast. Finish the day lying on the beach enjoying the sunny Algarve.