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GREY GOOSE® Vodka and The Connaught Bar’s Ago Perrone and Giorgio Bargiani launch exclusive No.11 Martini Cocktail kits in partnership with Saatchi Gallery

Today GREY GOOSE® Vodka announces the launch of an exclusive run of limited-edition No.11 Martini Cocktail kits in partnership with Ago Perrone and Giorgio Bargiani – the master mixologists of the World’s Best Bar*, London’s Connaught Bar. Mirroring the unparalleled quality of GREY GOOSE Vodka, Ago and Giorgio pride themselves on innovation and individuality, using only the best ingredients to create unique yet timeless classics for the world.

The exclusive No.11 Martini Cocktail kit celebrates mixology as a unique and personal art form by championing Ago and Giorgio’s cocktail – the No.11 – which was inspired by the creativity of the visual arts, specifically Jackson Pollock’s series of numbered action paintings. 

The initiative will also directly support the arts and culture sector which inspired the drink, with all proceeds from the sales of the No.11 Martini Cocktail kits presented by GREY GOOSE directly donated to Saatchi Gallery. Funds will support the Gallery’s charitable goals through its Learning Programme, which aims to make contemporary art accessible for all, ahead of formally reopening to the public on 19th May after months of closure.

Encapsulating all the customisable ingredients of the iconic serve and made with the often referred to world’s best tasting vodka, GREY GOOSE, and the hand-crafted Connaught Bar’s Gin, the No.11 embodies the past, present and future of the famed Connaught martini cocktail and was ideated on the occasion of its 11th anniversary. MARTINI® Ambrato, Amalfi lemon oil and five bitters, including ginseng, bergamot and lavender also play a pivotal role in the creation of the No.11 cocktail, which is traditionally served in a coupe. Each glass is carefully hand-painted with edible pigments in a drip design inspired by Jackson Pollock’s painting. 

Now, for the first time, the stunning permanently hand-painted glassware is being made available outside of The Connaught Bar as part of the No.11 Martini Cocktail kit. A pair of coupes feature alongside a pre-batched bottle of the No.11 cocktail – expertly prepared by Ago and Giorgio themselves – and a GREY GOOSE bar spoon and stirrer. 

A must for cocktail connoisseurs and art enthusiasts alike, the No.11 Martini Cocktail kit brings a taste of the celebrated No.11 tableside ritual to the home, proving the perfect collector’s item and a worthy addition to a home bar or drinks trolley.

Giorgio Bargiani and Ago Perrone

Ago Perrone and Giorgio Bargiani commented: “As mixologists, imagination, innovation and individuality are key. We have spent years harnessing the power of creativity to celebrate mixology as a unique and personalised artform, and seeking inspiration in the different forms of art and crafts surrounding us. The No.11 martini cocktail is testament to this vision, so we are incredibly pleased to be able to give back to the art industry that helped us create this and many other cocktails. We hope you will enjoy our signature masterpiece in partnership with GREY GOOSE Vodka and join us in supporting Saatchi Gallery”.

The cocktail kits are available to purchase for a limited time exclusively via Saatchi Gallery for £100. Two very special ‘cocktail connoisseur’ editions priced at £1,000 per kit come with a hands-on one-on-one mixology masterclass to learn the bespoke art of the martini cocktail with Ago and Giorgio at the renowned Connaught Bar. The mixology masterclass offers groups the chance to enjoy delicious cocktails and indulge in canapes, while discovering tips and tricks from the best in the business.

Global Head of Mixology and Education at Grey Goose, Joe McCanta, commented: “It is fitting that the Connaught Bar now has the award to prove what many of us have known since we have been served a cocktail underneath its iconic roof: that Ago and Giorgio have built through years of hard work and dedication a cocktail experience that is unparalleled. We are honoured to be working in partnership with this extraordinary team and the No.11 is the perfect cocktail to celebrate the artistry of the much-loved martini cocktail. We are delighted that GREY GOOSE has been able to facilitate bringing this iconic serve to peoples’ homes, while giving back to the industry that inspired the drink itself.”

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