Arctic Blue Resort – Pay based on your emissions

In Kontiolahti, a small city in the untouched landscape of Finland, you can soon enjoy your holiday while taking care of the environment. 450 km northeast of the capital, guests will be able to have a sustainable vacation and offset the carbon footprint of their stay. The pricing of the stay is emission-based: the smaller the environmental impact, the less you pay.

Preserving nature is in the DNA of Arctic Brands Group: the company makes high-quality artisan spirits from the pure ingredients of Finnish nature and is developing new innovative food and beverage products to be launched in 2020. Mikko Spoof, the Vice President and founder of Arctic Brands Group, thinks that companies are obligated to find new solutions to fight climate change.

“We want to offer people a world-class eco-vacation and encourage them to make sustainable choices by having emission-based pricing for their stay. Visitors of the resort can influence the cost for example by consuming less energy, attending ecological activities and making sustainable dietary choices,” says Spoof. We want the resort to be a place of true tranquility and thus encourage our guests to be more present in the moment and embrace digital detox,” continues Spoof.

Design inspired by nature

Arctic Blue Resort, a project created by Arctic Brands Group, is designed to be as sustainable as possible: it will be self-sustaining, built with natural materials, powered by renewable energy sources, and have its own water treatment system.The remarkable surrounding nature plays a significant role in the design of the resort. Each of the rooms is uniquely decorated with a special theme – the guests can choose whether they want to sleep under a starry night sky or enjoy a 360-degree view of the forest.

Embracing the four seasons of Finland

Arctic Blue Resort’s menu consists of locally sourced food and the menu is planned according to each season. The selection of activities and excursions will show the guests the wonders of each season – in winter you can go ice-swimming and snowshoeing, and in the summer you can go rowing and berry-picking.

The mayor of Kontiolahti, Jere Penttilä, believes that sustainable tourism is the future: “With Arctic Blue resort we want to lead by example and put emphasis on environmental responsibility by creating solutions to minimize the negative impact of tourism.”

Arctic Blue Resort will be open for the public in 2022. The concept of the resort has been developed together with the municipality of Kontiolahti and Innvolve Oy.

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