An appetite for success

Le Cordon Bleu is the world’s leading network for culinary arts and hospitality management institutes. It has over 120 years of teaching experience, providing prestigious courses to aspiring chefs and hospitality professionals.

Whether you’re a beginner, a keen cook or looking to turn your hobby into a career, now is the time to start planning for 2018, and Le Cordon Bleu London is sure to have a programme to suit your needs. The renowned school offers everything from workshops and gourmet short-courses, through to professional certificates and comprehensive diplomas in cuisine, pâtisserie, boulangerie, nutrition, wine and culinary management. During January the school offers intensive options that allow a selection of courses to be completed in just a fraction of the time.

You can rest assured that whatever journey you choose to embark on, you will be taught by Le Cordon Bleu’s Master Chefs, lecturers and wine experts, who have a wealth of experience working in Michelin-starred restaurants and 5-star hotels around the world.

The school’s exemplary teaching staff are always on hand to share their knowledge and expertise, assisting you with mastering your culinary techniques, management skills, and creativity, while helping you to develop into an industry-ready professional.

Luiz Hara, a Grand Diplôme® alumnus and accomplished chef says: “I really enjoyed learning from Le Cordon Bleu’s excellent teaching chefs and lecturers. Their incredibly high standards and the way that they pushed us to achieve our best in the kitchen was truly amazing. The training was definitely tough, but it made me realise that to become a successful chef, you need more than just artistic flair and creativity – you need to work hard and learn some valuable skills and techniques.”

As Le Cordon Bleu welcomes thousands of students from all over the world into its kitchens each year, why don’t you make it your New Year’s resolution to join them and learn some classical techniques, making you much more confident in the kitchen.

This January you can embark on the Diplôme de Cuisine which will equip you with the necessary skills and techniques, ensuring that on completion, you will be ready to progress into a range of exciting career opportunities, such as a chef in a professional kitchen.

There is also the Diplôme de Pâtisserie, which teaches you essential pastry techniques, and through studying this programme you will become highly skilled, gaining the creative ability to craft exceptional dishes and stunning show-pieces.

If you have a passion for both cuisine and pastry, then the school’s most prestigious qualification, the Grand Diplôme® will be perfect for you. It is respected across the hospitality industry as a mark of excellence and will allow you to fulfil your ambitions and pursue the most sought after culinary careers.

For keen bakers, Le Cordon Bleu London offers their newest course, the Diplôme de Boulangerie, which provides you with the classical and practical skills of bread and pastry making, and can be combined with the Diplôme de Pâtisserie for a more comprehensive programme.

There is also a range of gourmet short courses available for 2018, for those who want just a taster of the Le Cordon Bleu experience.

Le Cordon Bleu is perfectly located on Bloomsbury Square in the heart of London, which is undoubtedly the gastronomic capital of the world! There is surely no better place to study the culinary arts.

Chef Emil Minev, the Culinary Arts Director at Le Cordon Bleu London says: “The food scene in London is such an exciting place to be a part of right now, with such strong influences from international cuisine, the variety and the quality of food is evolving faster than ever before. Our aim here at Le Cordon Bleu is to provide outstanding culinary training, to further facilitate this wonderful food revolution!”

It is no secret that Le Cordon Bleu London has seen many notable alumni pass through its doors, including Adria Wu, John Whaite, Peggy Porschen and Yotam Ottolenghi, who have all gone on to be major influences in the gastronomic world.

The success of the school’s graduates can definitely be credited to the fundamental techniques that are taught by Le Cordon Bleu’s Master Chefs, and the numerous opportunities that are presented to the students during their studies, allowing them to put
these techniques into practice. Cake Decorating queen, Peggy Porshen adds: “Studying at Le Cordon Bleu was the stepping stone in my career. I learned the proper techniques from the best chefs and how to be highly meticulous and hard working. I would definitely recommend the school to anybody with a serious passion for food!”

Events and opportunities

There are many events that take place at Le Cordon Bleu London throughout the year such as careers fairs, where students have the opportunity to meet with industry leading hotels, restaurants and caterers to discuss potential employment opportunities after graduating.

The school holds monthly conferences where industry-leading chefs, pâtissiers and confectioners are invited to the school to host exclusive culinary demonstrations. Past guests have included Le Cordon Bleu London alumnus, and acclaimed Peruvian chef Virgilio Martínez, as well as Michelin-starred chef and leading baker Paul Rhodes.

Le Cordon Bleu London also arranges events that are unique to the school, providing students with a taste of working in the hospitality industry. For example, during the Diplôme de Pâtisserie, students host a formal Afternoon Tea, and on the Diplôme de Cuisine they host an extravagant buffet, the Cuisine Degustation.

Alumna Ellie Wharrad, owner of Studio Chocolate, comments on her Afternoon Tea experience: “It was our first insight into a real kitchen environment where we had to get something ready on time no matter what, and it really showed us what a proper restaurant setting was like. We then got to serve the afternoon tea and get some great feedback directly from the customer, which was great!”

There are also a host of other opportunities for students to get involved in, such as assisting teaching chefs at trade shows, food festivals and other external events, in addition to high-profile culinary competitions which are hosted at the school throughout the year.

These valuable experiences allow students to gain more experience and network with notable industry figures. The school also works very closely with their main partners within the industry who can offer tailored internships to students in the UK and abroad. So, join Le Cordon Bleu London this New Year and become part of an international network.

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