Amazonico unveil medicinal cocktails and energy-boosting dishes

As 2024 is in full swing, Veganuary, Dry January and healthy habits are on our minds, but why not consider the likes of CBD and Kiwicha? Amazonico, the Latin American Restaurant and Bar in Berkeley Square, is doing just this, and unveiling two innovative medicinal cocktails and three new dishes that seamlessly blend the worlds of mixology and wellness, available from 9th January to 31st January 2024

Amazonico’s Head of Bars, Giannis Apostolopoulos, and team have utilised the restaurant’s South American heritage to not only tantalise taste buds but provide functional benefits. The ‘Jabuticaba’ uses Belvedere Vodka, Jabuticaba, a unique fruit native to Brazil with antioxidant properties and rich vitamin content, Paragon Timur Berry, Passion Fruit infused Honey and lemon. Additionally, the ‘Edi-Negroni’ is a no ABV mocktail on offer using Edi (Hemp and CBD), Lemon Verbena from Chile, Non-Alcoholic Vermouth and Bitter – it won’t intoxicate you but with its naturally uplifting active ingredients will help you unwind after a busy day during Dry January. 

Group Executive Chef Vitelio Reyes has created three new dishes focusing on sourcing ingredients from South America for a healthy and energy boosting diet. The dishes include ‘Guacamole & Chia’ which features chia seed caviar that is beneficial for digestion, avocado, chilli, plantain chips, ‘Beterragas Andinas’, heritage beetroots, miso-yuzu cream & kiwicha cereal, a superfood from Peru, and finally, ‘Aguacate Parrillado’, charred avocado, Peruvian corn salad & white quinoa, perfect for keeping you fuelled for the day. 

This bold venture is set to redefine Amazonico’s landscape, offering patrons unique and health-conscious food and cocktail options, especially as people look towards making healthier choices for January.

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