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A Taste of the ‘Pacific Ring of Fire’ through your Letterbox

Over the past few months restrictions on travel has led to grounded airlines, closed airports, and shut borders. As appetite for travel slowly returns, but with many of us cautious about travelling too far from home, Firetree chocolate has found a new way of transporting you to an idyllic island setting, all from the safety and comfort of your home.

Previously only offering 65g bars, Firetree, the British super-premium chocolate brand is delighted to announce the launch of their new Firetree 25g set, containing all seven of their single-estate chocolate bars – ranging from 69% to 100% cocoa. Available to order as a letterbox pack, the set will enable you to go on a taste journey through the remote, far-flung islands of the Pacific Ring of Fire,  Madagascar and Philippines – home to the cocoa trees, or “our firetrees”, which bear the best quality cocoa beans. The 25g bars will also afford the brand the opportunity to be stocked by the finest bars, coffee shops and restaurants as this smaller iteration will be suitable for serving with coffee.

The unique flavour of Firetree chocolate is due to the volcanic soil of these island estates, where the cocoa tree or “our firetree” thrives in uniquely rich, porous, volcanic soil. Our Firetrees are immediately identifiable by their flame-hued cocoa pods, that give the chocolate its distinctive flavour which changes, develops and lingers on the palate. These super-premium cocoa beans are expertly selected by Firetree farmers and masterfully crafted by skilled chocolate makers to enhance, develop and bend the taste and create smooth, rich chocolate which is known for its depth and complexity. The outstanding farming practices and craft manufacturing processes include fermentation, drying in the tropical sun, slow conching and whole bean roasting to lock in the flavour.

Since Firetree began in 2017, the team has worked hard to set the standard across their different stages of production – from spending years nurturing relationships with farmers and paying them significantly more than the mass market rate, to enlisting  Berlin-based artist Andreas Nicolas Fischer to design the beautiful packaging inspired by volcanic magma flows.

With a combined 85 years of chocolate industry knowledge, the founders David Zulman, Martyn O’Dare and Aidan Bishop were drawn to one another due to their shared interest in producing first-class tasting chocolate with the best inherent flavours and aromas on the market. Their aim is to bring a sense of wonder and discovery back into the chocolate industry.

David Zulman Firetree’s Managing Director and Co-Founder comments: “All good things come in small packages, and we are excited to be able to launch Firetree’s 25g bars at a time where many people are spending so much time at home. We are offering a taste of amazing chocolate which arrives through your front door. The new pack offers customers a chance to create a tasting experience of their own. Whether you’re hosting friends for a socially distanced catch up or looking to entertain the kids, the range has something for everyone. Additionally, we will also have the 25g gift pack available to buy in the coming weeks.” 

The natural range is made up of seven 25g bars and contains no additives or flavourings. It is available to buy at £17.50 from the website. The bars are dairy-free, suitable for vegans and lactose-intolerant people, as well as being halal and kosher certified.

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