The Luxury Report

A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity at Mount Camdeboo

Experience the once in a lifetime opportunity to get up close and personal with our resident bull elephant, Harry, and one of our rhinos.

This exclusive ‘BEHIND THE SCENES’ presents guests the opportunity to join our resident ecologist, researchers and vet teams within an intimate setting of only 6 guests, for a darting and collaring experience. The collaring process allows for continual monitoring and allows us to safeguard the species from the ever-increasing risk of poaching. It allows us to gain valuable insight into their movements and behaviour to allow for better integration into this unique environment.


After an early breakfast, you will depart with your guide to meet the vet and reserve teams. A helicopter will be used to dart the elephant and a combination of helicopter and vehicle will be used for darting the rhino. Once sedated the vet will initiate procedures. Dependent on sedation success an interaction with the sedated animal may be presented for educational purposes for the guests. Please be aware that these are wild animals and due to their unpredictable nature it may be necessary to complete the procedure over 2 days.

In 2019, Karoo history was rewritten with the arrival of Harry, our resident bull elephant. Rescued from the clutches of death, a hunting permit was overturned at the last minute to save this previously perceived boisterous and unruly bull. Roaming the vast plains of his new forever home at Mount Camdeboo, unthreatened, Harry has returned to his true calm nature.

This ‘BEHIND THE SCENES’ experience allows a chance to meet the survivor and hear his story told first- hand by his rescuers.

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