A Capsule Collection For Socialites

A Capsule Collection For Socialites With Métier & The Rochambeau Club

The Rochambeau Club and Métier are delighted to announce the release of their “Party Season” collaboration — a capsule collection for socialites. The collaboration centres on two much-teased products that will prove crucial for the months (and years) ahead. Namely: a wine-holder calibrated for private invitations; and a pocket wallet designed for the generous, canny tipper. 

Both were unveiled in Métier’s handsome South Audley Street store on the 2nd November, amid the usual wine/ canapé/ small talk arrangements. They will then be available to buy (in highly limited edition) in-store and at www.therochambeauclub.com.

The « Bring a Bottle » wine carrier

Down at the Rochambeau Club, seasoned members chose to use our terraces, lounges and converted recording booths for intimate dinners, themed lunches, and chronologically-inaccurate birthday celebrations. Such invitations, where legible below the spritzed cologne, are often inscribed with a singular phrase (somewhere alongside “no phones allowed” and “jazz-funk anticipated”): “Bring a bottle”. Well, of course. The only problem, however — aside from the club’s quite astonishing corkage rates — is how to properly sheath that bottle on the trot from Citroen Mehari to specially re-upholstered orangery. With that in mind, The Rochambeau Club and Métier are thrilled to announce their specialist “bring a bottle” wine carrier — the last word in un-smashed bottles and fermented chic.


Métier signature canvas outer

Absolutely-the-right-shade-of-green strap

Amarone alcantara lining

Stippled geometric print

Hand-stitched finishing 

Edition of 30

Complimentary case of wine with every carrier

RRP £550

The « Service Not Included » Wallet

It may seem obvious to older Rochambeau members that an umpire should be tipped twice as much as a line-judge, a line-judge double that of a ball boy, and a ball boy nothing whatsoever if, at any point, he neglects to tuck in his shirt. But newcomers to the Club may be baffled to learn that valet parker Jêrome, who has never smoked in his life, prefers to receive his gratuities inside a 20 pack of Gauloises Jaunes, say; or that lounge pianist Aldo Sweet will rarely begin his encore unless a 100 euro origami swan appears atop the baby grand. 

As such, we are thrilled to announce the release of a special new wallet, designed to simplify the convoluted gratuity process as much as possible. Created by luxury leather maker Métier, it features a signature pull-out strap for rapid release bank-notes — a nifty invention that turns fully-booked dining rooms into suddenly-not-quite-fully-booked dining rooms faster than you can say: “I love what you’ve done with your fringe”.


Pull-out strap for easy-access contents

Metier signature canvas outer

Absolutely-the-right-shade-of-green closure

Amarone alcantara lining

Stippled geometric print

Hand-stitched finishing 

Genuine 100 franc banknote (for demonstration purposes only)

The Rochambeau Club Suggested Tipping Matrix

Invitation to upcoming club dinner

Edition of 40

RRP £190