Caffeinate your G&T

Coffee Monger’s Cold Brew G&T is the season’s most ultra-fresh and exhilarating beverage. The artisan roaster’s complex, yet balanced coffee compliments the gin botanicals and adds a sweet, smooth and caffeinated excitement to this hot weather classic cooler. And to get onboard, Coffee Monger’s suggest that you make up your own batch of concentrated cold brew and see how their coffee can liven up your summer fun.

Coffee Monger’s Cold Brew Concentrate can be used in so many summer drinks straight or diluted, alcoholic or non. To get the light, crisp, sweet taste of their signature Cold Brew Concentrate, Coffee Monger’s starts with specialty beans, a specifically developed roast profile, and their own perfected brewing technique. Master Roaster Gareth Smith tells us that for the best Cold Brew he always comes back to the organic Java.
The single origin organic Java is from Ijen Plateau, East Java, and is cultivated at up to 1,600 metres above
sea level, before it is washed and triple hand sorted. These amazing beans, when roasted, produce a light, vibrant coffee with soft, peppery notes and a chocolatey, sweet finish.

Cold Brew Concentrate is made by steeping fresh ground coffee in cold water for eight hours. This process differs from traditional iced coffee which is made by cooling hot-brewed coffee and serving it over ice. Since hot water speeds up extraction, the cool temperature and lack of movement slows the amount of chemicals compounds extracted and only certain delicate flavours and aromas slowly seep out without as many of the oils. The result is light, smooth and crisp and completely sans bitterness.

Coffee Monger’s Cold Brew G&T

  • 35ml Gin ­– Coffee Monger’s always prefer local Isle of Wight Distillery’s Mermaid Gin, hand-made with 10 botanicals.
  • 10ml Gareth’s Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate.
  • Tonic water ­­– Coffee Monger’s use Fever Tree.
  • Lemon peel to and two sprigs of thyme
    to garnish.
  • Crushed Ice.


  • In a glass of crushed ice add 35ml of Mermaid Gin.
  • 70-100ml of tonic water.
  • Pour 10ml of Coffee Monger’s Cold Brew Concentrate and top up with tonic as desired.
  • Garnish with lemon and sprigs of thyme.

Make your own Java Cold Brew concentrate

This is how Gareth does it…

  • Add 140g of Coffee Monger’s Organic Java coarsely ground to 1 litre of water.
  • Chill in the fridge for 8 hours or overnight.
  • Filter through pre-moistened filter papers (V60 or any) into a jug.

The mix lasts 3 days when kept cold.

Further information

Coffee Monger’s is an independent specialty coffee roaster based in Lymington, on the edge of the
New Forest, Hants, UK.