Under the Skinfluence

Introducing Visionary Aesthetics and Wellness Brand Skinfluencer

A cosy, relaxing and inviting room, dressed with soft bouncy beige chairs, completed with a brown coffee table and shelves at the back. Complemented by products packaged in a rich royal blue.

Skinfluencer, the award-winning aesthetics and dermatology clinic on the Fulham Road that represents uncompromising quality and luxury. 

Founded by an incredible powerhouse Texan Sharin Shafer, Skinfluencer offers cutting-edge medical grade treatments with the best equipment in the UK and Europe (the clinic has over £1 million worth of equipment in there!), that is either FDA or CE approved, alongside a team of world-class doctors and therapists.

Breaking the boundaries of luxury skincare through a concierge client experience in a boutique setting,  Skinfluencer has become a game changer in the aesthetics industry and pushing the boundaries of what is possible to achieve with non-invasive aesthetic treatments. This has been essential to be able to treat all skin conditions and types effectively and safely. With a 360 approach to skincare, Skinfluencer takes the best of the best to devise the brand’s range of exceptional protocols and address all manners of aesthetic concerns.  

Transforming skin on a global scale, Skinfluencer achieves unrivalled results and has become a much-loved brand with royalty, super models, TV personalities and global CEOs.

Further information – https://skin-fluencer.com/