Talisker Glacial Edge 45-Year-Old Celebrates With Iceland Unique Tasting Experience

Talisker Glacial Edge 45-Year-Old Celebrates Its Wildest Whisky Yet With A Unique Experience In Iceland

Extraordinary tasting experiences alongside iconic glacial landscapes celebrate the new Talisker Glacial Edge, finished in ice-fractured casks, a whisky-making first for Talisker

Talisker has unveiled an exquisitely rare new Scotch whisky, Talisker Glacial Edge 45-Year-Old, the final release in a series of adventures in wild whisky making. The whisky was aged over four decades, weathering many winters before being finished in ice-fractured oak, a new experiment in whisky craft and a first for Talisker.

Twelve of the Talisker distillery’s heavily charred American Oak casks were taken on a glacial voyage into the beautiful frozen lands of Canada’s ice fields. A specialist cooper removed the ends of the casks and they were left exposed to sub-zero temperatures and biting Arctic winds for 96 hours. This allowed the extreme cold to fracture the wood which in turn increased the surface area of the casks that the whisky was able to interact with during the finishing period in Scotland.

Talisker Distillery’s first-ever release of a 45-Year-Old Single Malt Scotch whisky unearths new, resilient depths of the Talisker character. Revealing unexplored richness, complexity and a unique untamed flavour, attributed to the whisky travelling deeper into the casks to obtain spicier and sweeter aromas from the American Oak ex- Bourbon barrels.

The expedition to fracture the casks drew upon the majestic force of the glacier to create a whisky truly marked by the wild. This journey was taken hand in hand with Talisker’s partner Parley For the Oceans. This mission to the ice fields was led by pioneering glacier scientist Dr. Alison Criscitiello, alongside Parley’s ambassadors surfer Greg Long and snowboarder Taylor Godber. The team traversed across the wild terrain and into ice caves, where Dr. Criscitiello helped the team understand how the planet’s ecosystems are interconnected, from the glacial fields of Canada to the sea surrounding the distillery’s home on Skye. This is the third year of Talisker working with Parley to raise awareness of the importance of marine ecosystems and support their preservation globally, and a portion of the funds from Talisker Glacial Edge 45-Year-Old will be donated to support this cause.

To mark the launch of Talisker Glacial Edge 45-Year-Old, Talisker hosted an intrepid group of travellers including Greg Long on a glacial adventure in Iceland. During their trip, guests spent a day exploring the incredible natural beauty of the Langjökull Glacier, exploring the caves under the ice, abseiling and exploring crevasses in this natural wonder.

Inside the glacier, they learned how Talisker’s new whisky was made, and enjoyed a tasting of this wild whisky in the evening after returning from their day of adventure. Travel specialist Abercrombie & Kent provides bespoke itineraries to the iconic glacial landscapes of Iceland and offers the opportunity to book a similar trip to that which Talisker’s guests went on.

It’s possible to book a guided Talisker whisky- tasting experience as part of your trip to Iceland, enquire about this tasting experience at www.abercrombiekent.co.uk.

Greg Long, Big Wave Surfer and Activist, commented, “I have spent nearly my entire life immersed in the ocean and in that time I have come to realise just how intimately connected the mountains and ocean truly are.

The mountains play a vital role in regulating climate patterns, influencing rainfall patterns and temperature variations that directly impact the health of the ocean. Protecting and preserving both is essential to maintain the delicate balance of these ecosystems and ensure the well-being of countless species, including humans, who rely on them for sustenance, climate regulation, and recreation. I am grateful to work on this project highlighting the beauty and fragility of both invaluable ecosystems.”

Talisker Glacial Edge 45-Year-Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky is available to purchase globally from selected retailers and www.diageorareandexceptional.com at an RRSP of £4,500 per 70cl bottle, in the UK (inclusive of duties and taxes). Talisker Glacial Edge 45-Year-Old is available at www.diageorareandexceptional.com

Further information – www.diageorareandexceptional.com