Sweet temptations

Altmann & Kühne’s great tradition of crafting the finest chocolate has been carefully nurtured within our family business for generations and is now more precious than ever. Looks are every bit as important as flavour and the delicate creations of our artisan confectioners are presented in unique miniature ‘furniture’ boxes that embody the art of making the very best confectionery.

Delicious individual treats made of nougat, marzipan and cocoa are carefully placed in tiny drawers – their destiny is to melt in your mouth. Each chocolate is handmade – whipped, rolled, filled and decorated with various designs. Careful manufacturing by hand is our tradition and an expression of our passion for chocolate.

Each box has a specific design and character and is as pleasing on the eye as the delicate flavours are on the palate.

Our chocolate factory is the heartbeat of the company. Located just outside Vienna, visitors are welcome to take a guided tour, observe our traditional methods and sample the flavours.

As we do not mass produce the delivery of an order, it may sometimes take a little longer. Our sweet delights are made to cater for all tastes and budgets – in this we take great pride and pleasure.

We take chocolate very seriously, so you can enjoy the most incredible flavours imaginable. In the words of Austrian-born writer Frederic Morton: “Life without chocolate is life lacking something important”, we at Altmann & Kühne couldn’t agree more.

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