a prelude to nocturnal pleasures

Award-winning, ultra-premium gin brand, SEVENTY ONE announces its newest release: a NIGHT FLASK 20cl iteration of its show-stopping bottle design, set to launch on 15th September. 

Meticulously conceived and composed by legendary photographer, Mert Alas, SEVENTY ONE is a spirit crafted to exalt the senses, heralding a new era of modern luxury spirits for the culturally aware.

SEVENTY ONE has created this 20cl bottle as a convenience for its existing fans and for discovery by epicureans who have yet to experience its dramatically smooth, liquid gold. Each 20cl bottle contains SEVENTY ONE’s nectar for four servings on the rocks. 

“I love the idea of keeping a SEVENTY ONE Night Flask in the freezer, always ready for before or after nocturnal adventures.”

Mert Alas, Founder of SEVENTY ONE


SEVENTY ONE’s 20cl bottle will be stocked at luxurious hotel mini bars such as Chiltern Firehouse and Costes Hotel and select premium retailers including Selfridges (London), El Corte Ingles (Madrid), Le Bon Marche (Paris) and KaDeWe (Berlin).

The bottle is custom made out of cut haute quality glass, with superior clarity, adorned with metal cap, shoulders and medallion, weighing in total 600g. It draws inspiration from Art Deco architecture and Alas’ lifelong personal collection of fine crystal decanters and stemware. This new release continues to express the brand’s commitment to quality and attention to detail. Its luxury packaging ensures that every aspect of the gin experience, from the warm and exotic rush of the first sip to the very last drop, remains a pleasure to behold and indulge.

SEVENTY ONE’s 20cl Night Flask makes it perfect for on-the-go enjoyment and gifting, inciting drinkers to savour this luxurious gin of outstanding complexity. The finest botanical absolutes, individually distilled to reach their apogee of expression, envelop a classic gin heart. Each is ‘touched’ with the exceptionally rare Queen of the Night cactus flower (Selenicereus Grandiflorus). Blooming once a year, and only at night, the Queen of the Night’s petals wilt before dawn. The liquid then rests for 71 nights in a mix of virgin Spanish oak, ex-Pedro Ximenes sherry casks and ex-Cognac casks, allowing the botanicals to gently marry, imbuing the spirit with an amber glow. Each cask is then carefully blended for a taste that’s bold, complex, and dramatically smooth.