Secrha researches emerging markets on a global scale, bringing to the real estate market unique opportunities for a fast changing world. Working with our in house architects, design and build team along with our preferred panel of partners around the world to deliver something different for our esteemed buyers. We are able to pinpoint whole countries, specific cities and often target individual destinations.

The mindset for international property buying has changed over recent years, with the main shift over the past two years, property now needs to be versatile and offer the buyer an investment opportunity, a home away from home, an accessible location with easy global commuting and a location in which one can consider spending long periods of time or potentially living.

Property Services Worldwide is our sister company and has been set up for our buyers to quickly adapt to this fast moving and changing real estate landscape. With Secrha’s focus on emerging markets Property Services Worldwide is able to highlight aspects of the global real estate market and specifically pinpoint where focus is needed. In brief Property Services Worldwide sells property in top cruising destinations and offers a bespoke service for expatriates looking to re-locate for personal or business.

As a snapshot to introduce three of our top destinations we have as a key focus at the moment, Cartagena in Spain, Mauritius and Costa Rica. Cartagena is a historic naval port city on the Mediterranean coast in Southern Spain. It is strategically positioned as one of the major shipping and cruise liners ports and main stops between Gibraltar, the Mediterranean and Asia. Real estate in the city is incredibly unique, with heritage dating back to the Romans. Currently we exclusively have two restored town houses in the heart of downtown, built directly on top of one of the original Roman roads.

Mauritius is an exciting market for us as a group not only do we have access and work with some incredibly talented architects and builders on the island, we also have vested time and interests in this key market. Mauritius has opened it’s doors to foreign buyers and investors over recent years, and by doing so has attracted buyers from all levels and all nationalities. Due to it’s stable environment it is also becoming increasingly popular for people looking to relocate for business or personal circumstances. With many exclusive developments we offer a great range of property on the island.

Costa Rica is an in-house bespoke project, we are building 32 individual villas on a busy and successful vacation resort. Costa Rica is all about giving back, with a real emphasis on giving back to nature through ecotourism and in turn giving back to the investor. Over recent years Cost Rica has seen an incredible rise of Europeans and predominantly North Americans taking the step to buy a vacation home or emigrating for the high standard low cost living.

For more information or to receive a buyers guide on specific destinations, please visit or and one of the team will be at your service.